Multi-Modal Travel

This map shows where Amtrak bike services intersect with Adventure Cycling routes. 

The ability to easily access different modes of transportation during a single trip, whether for a day trip or transcontinental journey, is increasingly important to cyclists.

Amtrak Bicycle Services

Adventure Cycling is a co-leader of the Amtrak Bicycle Task Force which is working to expand carry-on bicycle service. This service has successfully launched on the Capitol Limited and Vermonter routes, with more to come. 

Carry-on bicycle service allows passengers to load or unload their bikes at any station themselves (regardless of whether it has baggage service) without having to box them.

Trainside-checked bicycle service is now available on all 15 long-distance routes and allows passengers to check their bikes as baggage without having to box them. This service is only provided at stations with baggage service. 

Tools to help plan your bike/train trip: 


Expensive baggage fees are often a reality for cyclists traveling with their bicycles. See our How to Department for information on boxing and shipping your bicycle.