Multi-Modal Travel

Boarding a train with a Brompton

The ability to easily access different modes of transportation during a single trip, whether for a day trip or transcontinental journey, is increasingly important to cyclists.

Trains - Amtrak

Carry-on bicycle service allows bicyclists to board their bikes themselves on and off of trains at any station (regardless of whether it has baggage service) without having to box them. Adventure Cycling partnered with Amtrak, the Virginia Bicycle Federation and other partners to create a Bicycle Task Force which is working to expand carry-on bicycle service. This service has successfully launched on the Capitol Limited and Vermonter routes, with more to come. 

Amtrak Bicycle Accommodations Spreadsheet

Amtrak's various types of bicycle accommodations are defined in this blog post. To find out what is possible, see our Amtrak bicycle accommodations spreadsheet (XLSX) and its instructions (PDF) to find every Amtrak line and station that offers trainside-checked and carry-on bicycle service. This information is also contained in Amtrak's timetable, but the timetable can't be sorted.

Amtrak Routes + Bike Routes Interactive Map 

Adventure Cycling has created another new tool to help bicycle travelers plan their tours. Our interactive map now displays an overlay of the entire Amtrak route system over the Adventure Cycling Route Network, with a description of the type of bicycle accommodations offered on each line. Click on the button to see the connections between Adventure Cycling routes and Amtrak routes, and visit the Amtrak website to find out more about specific routes, fares, and accommodations. 


Expensive baggage fees are often a reality for cyclists traveling with their bicycles. See our How to Department for information on boxing and shipping your bicycle.

Photo courtesy of Path Less Pedaled