UPDATE - On February 18 Caltrans District 8 offered temporary access on two sections of I-40 in order to provide a legal and safe route for cyclists. 

Our sincere thanks to all who made your voices heard! On February 13, Caltrans District 8 representatives met with Adventure Cycling board member, Wally Werner and together, they assessed conditions on I-40 and the old Route 66, known as the National Trails Highway, between Needles and Barstow, CA.

After filing their individual reports, District 8 notified us on February 18 that they will allow bicycles to access I-40 in two places. Deputy District Director Catalino A. Pining III stated in an email, “[Director Muallem] supports providing temporary access on I-40 from Ft. Cady Rd. (Exit 23) to Ludlow (Exit 50) and from Kelbaker Rd. to Mountain Springs Rd. (Exit 115) until pavement and bridge issues have been addressed by San Bernardino County.”

This is a huge win for cyclists! Thank you for all your support as we worked with Caltrans to gain legal access to I-40. While we didn’t get access to the entire 144-mile corridor, these are the two sections that we felt were most important due to flood damage which closed the road and extremely poor road surface conditions. For more details about the final route, the conditions that led to this request, and a list of those involved, please read our latest blog post that highlight the final outcome.

We extend special appreciation to our partners, the California Bicycle Advisory Committee, California Bicycle Coalition and the California Association of Bicycle Organizations for their assistance in securing the meeting with Caltrans Deputy Director Kome Ajise on February 4 which led to the eventual collaboration between District 8 and Adventure Cycling. 

For more information on the issue:

  • Learn more detail and see a map of the final route in our most recent blog post 
  • Read our blog post highlighting issues along Bicycle Route 66 in California
  • See first-hand the road conditions on the National Trails Highway — the only other route option which is currently closed and sections are unsuitable for bicycling.



Please email the following Caltrans decision-makers and thank them for their consideration. You can use and/or personalize the sample email below.


• Catalino Pining III, Deputy District Director - 


[SUBJECT LINE] Thank You for Allowing Bicycle Access on I-40 

Dear Deputy District Director Pining III, 

As a supporter/member of Adventure Cycling, I sincerely thank Caltrans for taking the steps necessary to make bicycle access legal on sections of I-40 between Needles and Barstow, CA so I and others like me can travel by bicycle through California.