Rumble Strip Petition

We’re not willing to compromise on bicyclists’ safety when it comes to rumble strip installation, and transportation officials shouldn’t either.

Yet they continue to install rumble strips on popular bicycle routes and roads with minimal or no shoulder. The national guidance provided by federal agencies specifies that rumble strips are only safe for bicyclists when there is a clear, four-foot minimum shoulder available to the right of the rumble strip. This is the standard that should be followed by every state.

Many agencies assume, with limited data, that bicyclists aren’t riding these roads and that rumble strips don’t contribute to bicycle crashes. We know this isn’t true, but we need your voices — the voices of the Adventure Cycling community — to tell them to do better.

Signing this petition allows us to show transportation agencies and elected officials that the cycling community supports prioritizing bicycle safety when installing rumble strips. Once you sign, we’ll send you safety action alerts so you can stay engaged on these issues in your state.

Learn more at and check out the resource "Solutions for Making Rumble Strips Safer for Bicyclists" for recommended design standards.