North Carolina

Outer Banks: $60 Million from Bicycle Tourism

Pathways to Prosperity: The Economic Impact of Investments in Bicycle Facilities (2004) is a case study of the northern Outer Banks, which found that 680,000 bicyclists (17% of all visitors) each year generate a $60 million impact in the region.

Evaluating the Economic Impact of Shared Use Paths in North Carolina (2018) was prepared by the Institute for Transportation Research and Education at North Carolina State University with Alta Planning and Design. The study looked at four greenways and found: 

  • An impact of $19.4 million in total estimated revenue for local businesses.
  • $684,000 in total estimated sales tax revenue.
  • Benefits from the one-time expenditure of $26.7 million in trail construction are estimated at $48.7 million in total business revenue and 790 jobs from construction. 
  • $25.7 million impact from savings due to more physical activity, less pollution and fewer traffic injuries.
  • For every $1 spent on trail construction, $1.72 annually is supported from those benefits.