$75 - $103 Per Day Spending by Touring Cyclists

In 2013, the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research (ITRR) conducted a study called Analysis of Touring Cyclists: Impacts, Needs and Opportunities for Montana, which found that multi-day cyclists spend $75 - $103 per day while in Montana and stay an average of eight or more nights. Touring cyclists hailed from 48 states and 18 countries. 

The Montana Business Quarterly published a follow up article about this study called Bicycle Tourism: Providing Economic Development Opportunities for Montana, also written by the ITRR.

$20 Million Spending by Bicyclists in Missoula County

Prior to the 2013 study, the ITRR also compiled bike tourism data based on nonresident visitor surveys in 2012. Road and tour biking impact for Missoula County is estimated at $19.4 million or 8% of the county’s nonresident expenditures. Read ITRR analysis and summary, Cyclists spending per night, and Nonresident spending by cyclists.