$780 Million from Bicycling

Assessing the Economic Impact and Health Effects of Bicycling in Minnesota was published in 2016 by the University of Minnesota Tourism Center, and shows that bicycling contributed to $780 million in economic activity in 2014. Bicycling events produced a total of $14.3 million of economic activity in 2014. The economic impacts related to health show that bicycle commuting lowers medical costs and prevents 12 - 61 deaths per year, saving $100 million to $500 million. 

An older study, the Economic Impact of Recreational Trail Use (PDF), was released in 2009 by the University of Minnesota Tourism Center and reported $427 million in spending from bicyclists using Minnesota trails and $2.4 billion in total spending statewide by all trail users. 

In Bicycling In Minnesota by the Numbers, the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota reported 5,000 jobs and $1 billion in revenue attributed to bicycling.