$137 Million from Bicycling in Northwest Region

The Walton Family Foundation, in collaboration with PeopleForBikes, commissioned BBC Research & Consulting (BBC) to conduct a study, Economic and Health Benefits of Bicycling in Northwest Arkansas, released in March 2018. Key results from the study include:

  • Bicycling in Northwest Arkansas provides $137 million in benefits to the economy annually.
  • Bike tourism is a significant economic driver with tourists spending $27 million at local businesses each year.
  • Investment in soft-surface mountain bike trails is a key driver of tourism with at least 55% of mountain bikers traveling to Northwest Arkansas from outside the region.
  • Bicycling in Northwest Arkansas generates $85 million annually in health related benefits.
  • Residents of Northwest Arkansas spend more than $20 million on bicycling annually.
  • Houses within .25 miles of the Razorback Greenway sell for an average of nearly $15,000 more than those two miles from the trail.