The power to improve bicycle travel is in our collective voice.

"Adventure Cycling does an excellent job of advocacy. The national bicycle route system, support of safer road riding, the Amtrak carry-on program and state-based bicycle facility funding are all notable successes." ~Thomas Mobley, Gaithersburg, MD

The strength of the bicycle travel community allows us to work for more miles of improved routes. Our advocacy focuses on four key aspects of bicycle travel. 

Bike-friendly routes and destinations 

In partnership with local and state officials, we’re building the largest official cycling route network in the world. More miles of connected routes in the U.S. create new opportunities for cross-country travel and regional touring right from your backyard. Learn more

Improved safety along routes

Across the U.S., we identify opportunities to address problematic areas along bike touring routes. We advocate for rumble strip policies that safely accommodate cyclists and support state advocacy efforts to pass safe passing and distracted driving laws. Learn more

Enhanced transportation access

Flexible, affordable, and convenient bike service on trains and planes reduces the stress of getting to the start or end point of your trip. We work with Amtrak to expand bike services to more routes and stations across the country. Learn more

Bike-friendly services

We want cyclists to feel welcome and supported wherever they go. That’s why we partner with parks, communities, and businesses to ensure they provide bike-friendly hospitality, services, policies, and amenities to meet the touring cyclist’s needs. Learn more

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