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2171. Have It Our Way by Lane Coddington

Features | Jun 1984

No Kings (or Czars) left here.

2172. Touring Times Two by Sharon Dickerson

Features | Jun 1984

Tandemeers have more fun.

2173. Bicycle Bum by George Everett

Features | Jun 1984

It beats hitchhiking.

2174. Getting the Most from Your Touring Camera by Richard Edwards

Features | Jun 1984

Of film and lenses.

2175. Thomas Stevens by Dan McIntyre

Features | Jun 1984

The first to cross.

2176. Mackinac Island by Dorothy Prunty

Features | Jun 1984

A carfree ride through history.

2177. Lining Up a Touring Partner by Antoinette Selva

Features | Jun 1984

Chance or planning?

2178. Tarantula by Ed Remitz

Features | Jun 1984

B-movie apparition.

2179. Farmland, Wilderness, and Solitude Along Wisconsin's Sugar River by Kathleen S. Abrams

Features | Apr 1984

Wisconsin's converted railroad track.

2180. Hook, Line, and Skewer by John R. Corwin

Features | Apr 1984

Bicycles and fishing poles do mix.

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