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11. One of Our Own by TJ Forrester

The Final Mile | Aug 2018

12. TransAm, Two Ways by Gage Poore and Maxton Caplanides

Open Road Gallery | Aug 2018

Bike Bits is Adventure Cycling's biweekly bicycle bulletin in text-only format for quick downloads and includes links for more information. We want to inspire you to dream, and to live your own bicycle adventures.

13. Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1 by Patrick O'Grady

Road Test | Aug 2018

14. Rules of the Road by Patricia Isaacs

The Final Mile | Aug 2018

15. The Right Stuff by Nathan Taylor Ward

Profile | Aug 2018

A profile on bike bag makers Oveja Negra

16. Waypoints by Dan Meyer

Waypoints | Aug 2018

17. What We Ride by Staff

Features | Aug 2018

A look at the Adventure Cyclist staff's favorite rigs

18. Waypoints by Dan Meyer

Waypoints | Jul 2018

Annual Membership Survey; A Mystery No Longer: MTB Pioneer Mike Rust's killer convicted; Where's Kitt when you need it?

19. 4x2 by Michael Lyon

Features | Jul 2018

Germany's auto museums by bike

20. Bothypacking Scotland by Tom Robertson

Features | Jul 2018

The lodging is free — all you have to do is survive the rain, the terrain, and oh so many midges.

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