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41. Waypoints by Staff

Waypoints | Jul 2023

Double the TransAm, Double the Fun; USBRS Turns 20; Plastic Free Time: Racing and riding without single-use plastics; The First Rule of Bikepacking Club is [Don't] Talk About Bikepacking Club; Waterford Puts Down the Torch

42. Seattle to Lopez by Roxy Robles

Be Here Now | Jul 2023

"I sleep like a baby under the pitch-black sky that peeks out between the tops of gigantic Douglas fir trees all across these islands."

43. South America to South Africa by Hollie Ernest

Traveling Ernestly | Jul 2023

The memories of these months of travel, years at home, and tears of joy and sorrow in both places merged in my mind.

44. Tandemonium by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Jul 2023

After a life-altering diagnosis, a cycling couple pedals on

45. Overplanned by Taneika Duhaney

Saddle Up | Jul 2023

Looking across the horizon, the tree line amputates the hues of blues and oranges along the skyline.

46. Trek Checkpoint ALR5 Driftless by Dan Meyer

Road Test | Jul 2023

So aside from a cool paint job, a nifty framebag, and a dropper post, it's just a gravel bike, right? Wrong.

47. Soma Jawbone B-Type by Cody Siler

Road Test | Jul 2023

The B-Type is for parts-bin tinkerers, singlespeed devotees, and world tourers who may be attracted to the internal hub compatibility and the simplicity.

48. TransAm Exposure by Gage Poore & Greg Siple

Open Road Gallery | Jul 2023

James Mulholland, a 20-year-old from Media, Pennsylvania, visited Adventure Cycling headquarters on September 25, 2015.

49. Pulling Teeth by Nicola Nemy

Mechanical Advantage | Jul 2023

My dad lives the bike life. He has ridden more kilometers than I ever will, and in the '90s he helped build a velodrome in our rural Canadian hometown of a couple thousand people.

50. Kyrgyzstan, the Wild Land by Ana Zamorano

Features | Jul 2023

Glacial valleys and big mountain passes in the 'Switzerland of Central Asia'