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31. Corporate Member Co-Motion Cycles by Brian Bonham

Life Member Profile | Jul 2021

Dwan Shepard and the Mothers of Innovation

32. Spoke'n from the Heart by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Jul 2021

A popular bike hostel on the TransAm Trail could use a little help.

33. Geared Up by Staff

Geared Up/Gear Guides | Jul 2021

Fix Manufacturing Dynaplug Wheelie Wrench Pro Hans Rey Edition Tool; Tubolito MTB PSENS Tube; Machines for Freedom Foundations Sports Bra; Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration Mix

34. Ritchey Outback by Dan Meyer

Road Test | Jul 2021

A classic gravel bike for the modern age.

35. Wild Beasts by Carolyne Whelan

Features | Jul 2021

An excerpt from Split, a memoir about a Great Divide tour.

36. Waypoints by Dan Meyer

Waypoints | Jul 2021

Charlie Pace; Passing the Black-and-White Torch; Safer Routes for Happy Cyclists

37. Joyful on Purpose by Scott Pankratz

Letter from the Director | Jul 2021

Peeling away the irrelevant with adventure

38. Charting the Course by Carolyne Whelan

Letter from the Editor | Jul 2021

Choose your own navigational aid

39. Backpedaling into History by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Jun 2021

The Bicycle Museum of America houses rides that changed the world, from boneshakers to modern racers.

40. Wheels to Fortune by Michael Engelhard

Features | Jun 2021

Bicycles were the conveyance of choice during the Klondike Gold Rush.