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31. Kona Unit X by Eric McKeegan

Road Test | Mar 2022

Can Kona’s rigid mountain bike really do it all?

32. Take Me Home, Country Roads by Mandela Echefu

Features | Mar 2022

Having achieved the American dream after emigrating from Nigeria, the author ponders his place in the outdoors.

33. Stuck in the Parts Bin with You by Eric McKeegan

Features | Mar 2022

How to scratch the new bike itch when buying isn’t an option.

34. All the Bikes that COVID Can't Buy by Carolyne Whelan

Features | Mar 2022

The boom and bust of the bike shop biz.

35. The Longest Night by Willie Weir

Features | Mar 2022

Just after the Bosnian War, Willie Weir treks into the Balkans and finds himself in over his head.

36. MOFONGO by Stephen Haynes

'Toon Up | Mar 2022

Every Day is Taco Tuesday

37. Family Matters by Jennifer O'Dell

Letter from the Director | Mar 2022

Home is where the bike rack is

38. Love Thy Passerby by Carolyne Whelan

Letter from the Editor | Mar 2022

Take off your helmet, stay awhile

39. Waypoints by Dan Meyer

Waypoints | Feb 2022

Bikecentennial Staffer Stuart Crook Dies; Bridging the GAP; Annual member survey open through February; Round the World Triathlon; We’re Hiring!

40. Peanut Butter Jelly Time by Kate Whittle

Life Member Profile | Feb 2022

Life Member Steven Chun embraces uncertainty