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11. Ng? Haerenga by Maureen Gaffney

Features | Nov 2023

Discovering New Zealand's Alps 2 Ocean Trail

12. The Middle of Nowhere is in Eastern Nevada by Dan Meyer

Features | Nov 2023

And You Should Go There

13. The Emerald Archipelago by Donivan Berube

Features | Nov 2023

Bikepacking Alaska's Kodiak Island

14. Cycles of Love by Ellee Thalheimer

Profile | Nov 2023

A chronicle of peregrination

15. Canyon Grizl AL 7 lby by Dan Meyer

Road Test | Nov 2023

A lot of gravel bikes can serve double-duty as light touring bikes (emphasis on light), but the Grizl is one gravel bike I wouldn't hesitate to load for bear.

16. Ibis DV9 by Alex Strickland

Road Test | Nov 2023

As pandemic-snarled supply chains put pressure on nearly every potential purchase, the DV9 quickly became unobtanium.

17. Tools of the Trade by Nicola Nemy

Mechanical Advantage | Nov 2023

This past winter, I ran through the Phoenix airport with my bike.

18. Riding Through Michaux by Taneika Duhaney

Saddle Up | Nov 2023

As the gap widened, I said out loud, "Ride your ride."

19. Geared Up by Staff

Geared Up/Gear Guides | Nov 2023

MSR Hubba Hubba 2-Person Tent; Orucase Smuggler HC large handlebar bag; Velocio Ultralight Rain Jacket; Class 4 Designs Weebo Bag; Five Ten Kestrel BOA Shoes; Yakima OnRamp; Yakima BackSwing; Grayl 19.6oz UltraPress; Oveja Negra Bodega Framebag; Drip Drop Hydration Electrolyte Drink Mixes

20. Go Go Gorkas by Gage Poore and Ally Mabry

Open Road Gallery | Nov 2023

While they are avid bicycle travelers, it took Waldemar and Tanja Gorka almost 35 years from their first North America bike tour to finally make it to our doorstep.