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11. From Alaska to Florida by Kate Whittle

Life Member Profile | May 2022

The Eddys set out for epic journeys

12. Top Five Ways to Support Bike Travel by Jennifer O'Dell

Letter from the Director | May 2022

It's as easy as putting on your favorite t-shirt

13. Waypoints by Dan Meyer

Waypoints | Apr 2022

Fastest Across Iceland; Beverly Bridge to Open Early 2022; Looking for Ride Leaders for Bike Travel Weekend; Taking the French Line

14. Stretching Our Limits by Aimee Hughes

Features | Apr 2022

You won't have to reach to realize the benefits of yin yoga.

15. 16 to 60 in 6 Weeks by Berne Broudy

Features | Apr 2022

Bump up your mileage and get yourself in gear for tackling your biggest ride.

16. Epicurean Cruise by Alex Crevar

Features | Apr 2022

A gourmet bike tour along Croatia's Adriatic coast.

17. The New Freedom Trail by Carmen Aiken

Features | Apr 2022

Bikes Not Bombs leads kids on a bike overnight through Boston's historic past.

18. Swifty Business by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Apr 2022

From a single sewing machine, Swift Industries has grown into a bag-making empire and, now, a niche tour operator.

19. State 4130 All-Road by Cody Siler

Road Test | Apr 2022

It may be affordable, but is it any good?

20. How We Got Here by Jennifer O'Dell

Letter from the Director | Apr 2022

Where we're going