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61. Ferry Us Along by Alex Strickland

Features | Feb 2016

A week in Washington's San Juan Islands.

62. Scenes from the Saddle: Top of the TransAm by Ron McClure & Roger Gaither

Scenes from the Saddle | Feb 2016

The TransAm's high point on Colorado's Hoosier Pass.

63. Waypoints by Alex Strickland

Waypoints | Feb 2016

News you can use from around the world of bicycle travel

64. Connecting by Jim Sayer

Letter from the Director | Feb 2016

Meeting our members where you are

65. Long Live Colombia by Simon Willis

Features | Feb 2016

Think Colombia's not safe for cyclists? Think again.

66. Cycle Adirondacks by Berne Broudy

Features | Feb 2016

The Wildlife Conservation Fund’s inaugural bike tour surprises and delights.

67. Cyclesense by Nick Legan

Cyclesense | Feb 2016

'Gentling' Your Bike

68. Donor Profile: Kathy Schubert by April Cypher

Life Member Profile | Feb 2016

Chicago cyclist has dog, will travel

69. A Reason to Ride by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Feb 2016

New York’s Empire State Ride offers stunning scenery and a chance to help the fight against cancer.

70. From the Saddle to Sin City by Alex Strickland

Letter from the Editor | Dec 2015

How do you leave a bike tour for a tradeshow? With great difficulty.