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51. Letter from the Editor by Alex Strickland

Letter from the Editor | May 2017

Mike Deme, 1965–2017

52. Final Mile by Thomas N. Chapin

The Final Mile | May 2017

Success or Failure

53. Open Road by Gage Poore & Greg Siple

Open Road Gallery | May 2017

Friday the 13th

54. Legacy Society Profile by April Cypher

Profile | May 2017

Randy Cronk

55. Road Test by Nick Legan

Road Test | May 2017

Masi Giramondo 27.5

56. Road Test by Patrick O'Grady

Road Test | May 2017

Specialized Sequoia

57. From Selfie to Self-Portrait by Alex Strickland

Features | May 2017

"The best camera is the one you have with you," or so goes the old saying...

58. The Cancer Challenge by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | May 2017

Every year, scores of students from the University of Texas at Austin take on the tour of their lives

59. WayPoints by Dan Meyer

Waypoints | May 2017

Build it. Bike it. Be a part of it.

60. How Woodrow Wilson Made the White House Safe for Cyclists by David V. Herlihy

Features | May 2017

If Donald Trump is to go down as one of our nation's most, shall we say, controversial presidents, he will have to beat out Woodrow Wilson, his predecessor from a century ago. And that will be no easy task.

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