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41. Bikes Built for Women by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Aug 2016

Georgena Terry starts a revolution.

42. Waypoints by Dan Meyer

Waypoints | Aug 2016

News you can use from around the world of bicycle travel

43. Performance Touring Bikes by Jan Heine

Mechanical Advantage | Aug 2016

How to combine the speed of a racing bike with the ability to carry camping gear

44. When Donna Met John by June Siple

Profile | Jul 2016

An office romance askance

45. Riding Taiwan by Jim Sayer

Letter from the Director | Jul 2016

Could this country become the next big cycling destination?

46. Once Around the Big Island by Willie Weir

Features | Jul 2016

Hawaii was never a sought-after destination for this world traveler. Now he can’t wait to return.

47. Legacy Society Profile: Frann Stagg by April Cypher

Life Member Profile | Jul 2016

Lifelong cyclist finds happiness on the road

48. Dispatch from the Deep Woods by Alex Strickland

Letter from the Editor | Jul 2016

If bicycling is big here, we're in great shape

49. One Lane Through the Rocks by Matthew Cull

Features | Jul 2016

Bicycling Morocco's High Atlas

50. Open Road Gallery by Greg Siple

Open Road Gallery | Jul 2016

Keeping it light

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