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2111. The Great Bicycle Relay Race of 1892 by Pete Ehrmann

Features | Aug 1991

19th-century Star Wars.

2112. Eastward, Ho! by Catherine Stewart-Roach

Features | Aug 1991

Words and pictures from the Santa Fe Trail.

2113. From Sea to Shining Sea by Arnold Traubitz

Features | Aug 1991

On a different continent.

2114. This Bristling Nation by Mark A. Johnson

Features | Aug 1991

Words and pictures from everywhere else.

2115. Saving Your Skin by Nan Baker

Features | Aug 1991

What every cyclist should know about the sun.

2116. Into Africa by David Mozer & Kathleen Bennett & James Black

Features | Jul 1991

David Mozer reminds us that the news is not all bad, Kathleen Bennett takes us on her favorite tour, James Black shares an African fantasy.

2117. The Ride to the Rock by John P. Bagdonas

Features | Jul 1991

Going the distance for the victims of MS.

2118. Trailer Tyros by Randy Lord

Features | Jul 1991

10 tips for traveling with little stowaways.

2119. Turtles from Outer Space by Randy Gibson

Features | Jul 1991

When you've been out too long.

2120. Idle Hands by Leigh F. Wade

Features | Jul 1991

When you've been IN too long.