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2011. Getting Perfection in Your New Bike by John Palecki

Features | May 1994

That shiny new toy of yours isn't complete without a little TLC from a dedicated mechanic.

2012. Pushing Chians by Cecile McGowan

Features | May 1994

Adventure Cycling routes can take you lots of places, including San Diego to Jasper, Alberta.

2013. The Ride of Your Life by Rich Landers

Features | May 1994

Once you've ridden the TransAmerica Trail, the memories are there forever, waiting to be unleashed.

2014. Corn Snow and Open Meadows by Michael McCoy

Features | Apr 1994

Stay fit during winter. Some of the best spring skiing to be found anywhere is right along the TransAmerica Trail.

2015. Budgeting the Big One by Gary Dennison

Features | Apr 1994

A recovering round-the-world cyclist gives us tips on how to manage the finances associated with your dream tour.

2016. Africa Trekked by Joe Glickman

Features | Apr 1994

Hey kids, don't try this at home—unless you're sure you are up to it.

2017. Baja Raw by Sally O'Neal Coates

Features | Apr 1994

What doesn't kill you only makes you a more dedicated cyclist.

2018. Corn Snow and Open Meadows by Bob Woodward & Michael McCoy

Features | Apr 1994

Looking for some great spring skiing before cycling begins? We know four places to find it.

2019. June Curry, Legend of the TransAm Trail by Kevin Condit

Features | Apr 1994

Meet the Cookie Lady, goodwill ambassador extraordinaire.

2020. Arly by David S. Fooshe & Bill Fitzpatrick

Features | Mar 1994

This Norwegian welder is a frame-saver.