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2011. Alleys and Highways by Kevin Condit

Features | Aug 1994

Adventure Cycling members Jean and Hartley Alley personify versatility

2012. Cruiser Bob and the Big Volcano by Mary M. Goddard

Features | Aug 1994

Hawaii's 38-mile downhill run is enough to make you give up pedaling.

2013. Kananaskis Country by Bob Allen

Features | Jul 1994

A taste of Alberta's mountain biking heaven on earth.

2014. Lavished in Turquoise by Herb Hiller

Features | Jul 1994

Eleuthera is South Florida before the traffic and billboards.

2015. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route by Michael McCoy

Features | Jul 1994

Adventure Cycling's next great routing project.

2016. Escape to the Islands by Mark Johnson

Features | Jun 1994

New Zealand is very popular with bicycle tourists, and for good reason — actually, for every reason.

2017. Return to Vietnam by Carla Fountain

Features | Jun 1994

This country, so intertwined with our own, has opened unrestricted bicycle travel.

2018. Getting Perfection in Your New Bike by John Palecki

Features | May 1994

That shiny new toy of yours isn't complete without a little TLC from a dedicated mechanic.

2019. Pushing Chians by Cecile McGowan

Features | May 1994

Adventure Cycling routes can take you lots of places, including San Diego to Jasper, Alberta.

2020. The Ride of Your Life by Rich Landers

Features | May 1994

Once you've ridden the TransAmerica Trail, the memories are there forever, waiting to be unleashed.