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2001. Hidden Valleys and Plain Folk by John Rakowski

Features | Mar 1995

World cyclist John Rakowski presents an essay about just a few of the people he's met along the way.

2002. The Road to Tulcan by Joe Ebertz

Features | Mar 1995

Joe Ebertz leads us on a mountain bike journey through southern Columbia and northern Equador. Includes "Nuts and Bolts" section for planning your own tour.

2003. The Total Hip by Jane G. Kahn

Features | Jan 1995

Cyclist Jane Kahn describes how hip replacement surgery kept her on her bike and on the road.

2004. Waiting Out Summer by Culhane and Coates

Features | Jan 1995

Authors Alys Culhane and Sally O'Neal Coates take a light-hearted look at how to keep cycling in your focus when the snows are deep...both on your own and with company.

2005. Bitsy Does Colorado by William A. Nelson

Features | Nov 1994

This intrepid, touring Yorkie may have been a bit bored at first, but then she discovered rodents.

2006. The Argus by Joe Glickman

Features | Nov 1994

South Africa's premiere tour has unforgettable scenery, in more ways than one.

2007. Treasures Left Behind by Peter L. Bower

Features | Nov 1994

A veteran Adventure Cycling leader explains the reward of keeping your eyes peeled.

2008. Back in the (Former) USSR by David Ginsberg

Features | Sep 1994

The world's largest country, the Commonwealth of Independent States, is open to cyclists.

2009. Members in Good Standing by Adventure Cycling

Features | Sep 1994

Here's a look at three of your fellow members, who have plenty to say about life.

2010. Upper Peninsula Dreaming by Lisa Jo Frech

Features | Sep 1994

A baby, an unfinished cabin, an old man and two adventurous cyclists make for quite an encounter.