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11. Road Test: Advocate Lorax by Nick Legan

Road Test | Dec 2016

A deal on wheels

12. Road Test: Velo Orange Piolet by Patrick O'Grady

Road Test | Dec 2016

Bring an ax to a knife fight

13. San Francisco Treat by Chuck Haney

Features | Dec 2016

The City by the Bay offers some of the best riding in the country

14. Tiva to Tekoa by Willie Weir

Features | Dec 2016

A rescued dog travels a rescued trail

15. Waypoints by Dan Meyer

Waypoints | Dec 2016

News you can use from around the world of bicycle travel

16. Snaps from the Montana Bicycle Celebration by Tom Robertson

Photo Essay | Oct 2016

Bike rides and parties to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Adventure Cycling, the completion of the Bitterroot Trail, and cycling in Montana.

17. TransAm Truth by Jim Sayer

Letter from the Director | Oct 2016

Ride, read, renew — how you can connect with America’s iconic cycle route

18. Donor Profile: Janet SeGall by April Cypher

Life Member Profile | Oct 2016

It takes more than rain to stop this bicycle traveler

19. Thank You for Coming to Israel by Larry Rice

Features | Oct 2016

A wandering, wondering Jew’s long-overdue journey to Jerusalem

20. Late Start by Willie Weir

Travels with Willie | Oct 2016

Think of the places you'll go

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