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1981. The Great Test of 1995 by Mike Deme

Buyer's Guides | Jan 1996

Although a little dated, this roundup review of tents, panniers, and clothing can give you some ideas of what to look for as you purchase similar items today. (Part 1 of 2)

1982. Spain Free by Andrew Wilson

Features | Jan 1996

With more time than money on his hands, cyclist/author Andrew Wilson tours through Spain on his bicycle.

1983. Riding the Manic 5 by Raymond Schmidt

Features | Nov 1995

Author Raymond Schmidt takes us on a quick journey through Quebec, from Labrador City to Baie Comeau. Black flies and all.

1984. The TransAmerica Trail: Who, What, Why? by Dave Robertson

Features | Nov 1995

Author Dave Robertson answers some frequently asked questions about the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail: where did it come from, where does it go, and what kinds of people cross the country on it year after year?

1985. Circumnavigating the Okeechobee by John L. Phillips

Features | Sep 1995

Author John Phillips describes a route for riding around Florida's Lake Okeechobee ("Big Water" in the Seminole Indian's language).

1986. Great Joy In Camp by David Lamb

Features | Aug 1995

Los Angeles Times reporter David Lamb sums up his cross-country cycling adventure as he reaches the Santa Monica Pier.

1987. Learning to Love Those Climbs by Patrick O'Grady

Features | Aug 1995

Author Patrick O'Grady refuses to think of climbs as something to be avoided in this essay.

1988. Like a Knife Through Avocado by Herb Hiller

Features | Aug 1995

Herb Hiller takes us on a cycling journey to Puerto Rico, where he encourages us to discover the island beyond San Juan.

1989. Make Your Dream Bike Truly Portable by John Schubert

Mechanical Advantage | Aug 1995

John Schubert researches the S&S Torque Couplings that can make just about any bicycle a fold-down portable. Not inexpensive, but pretty awesome.

1990. Taking The Long Road Home by Johnnye Montgomery

Features | Aug 1995

Texas native Johnnye Montgomery looks for her roots during a perimeter tour of Texas.