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1981. Like a Knife Through Avocado by Herb Hiller

Features | Aug 1995

Herb Hiller takes us on a cycling journey to Puerto Rico, where he encourages us to discover the island beyond San Juan.

1982. Make Your Dream Bike Truly Portable by John Schubert

Mechanical Advantage | Aug 1995

John Schubert researches the S&S Torque Couplings that can make just about any bicycle a fold-down portable. Not inexpensive, but pretty awesome.

1983. Taking The Long Road Home by Johnnye Montgomery

Features | Aug 1995

Texas native Johnnye Montgomery looks for her roots during a perimeter tour of Texas.

1984. Before the Biking Begins by Michael J. Stacy Blackwell

Features | Jul 1995

How to make the fossil-fueled part of your TransAm bike trip.

1985. The Road to Ouagadougou by Philip Johansson

Features | Jul 1995

Naturlist outdoor writer Philip Johansson describes a cycling journey in West Africa.

1986. Kokopelli The Prankster by Bob Woodward

Features | Jun 1995

Bob Woodward names Kokopelli's Trail, from Colorado to Utah, as one of cycling's best off-road adventures.

1987. Confessions of A Map User by Steve Swithin

Features | Jun 1995

In this essay, author Steve Swithin details his love-hate relationship with maps.

1988. The Bike Business looks at Touring ... by John Schubert

Geared Up/Gear Guides | Jun 1995

Technical Editor John Schubert notes that, while lots of cycling manufacturers know that bicycle touring exists, it may still not make any difference in the products we're offered.

1989. Clothes For The Eternal Optimist by Mike Deme

Geared Up/Gear Guides | May 1995

Author Mike Deme notes that, although he knows it isn't going to rain during your tour, it might be wise to look at foul weather gear anyway. Includes a list of rainwear manufacturers.

1990. How To Stop A Bicycle by John Schubert

Mechanical Advantage | May 1995

Technical editor John Schubert claims that what a brake manufacturer doesn't know about brakes might hurt you as he looks at the physics of stopping a bike.