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1961. Circumnavigating the Okeechobee by John L. Phillips

Features | Sep 1995

Author John Phillips describes a route for riding around Florida's Lake Okeechobee ("Big Water" in the Seminole Indian's language).

1962. Great Joy In Camp by David Lamb

Features | Aug 1995

Los Angeles Times reporter David Lamb sums up his cross-country cycling adventure as he reaches the Santa Monica Pier.

1963. Learning to Love Those Climbs by Patrick O'Grady

Features | Aug 1995

Author Patrick O'Grady refuses to think of climbs as something to be avoided in this essay.

1964. Like a Knife Through Avocado by Herb Hiller

Features | Aug 1995

Herb Hiller takes us on a cycling journey to Puerto Rico, where he encourages us to discover the island beyond San Juan.

1965. Make Your Dream Bike Truly Portable by John Schubert

Mechanical Advantage | Aug 1995

John Schubert researches the S&S Torque Couplings that can make just about any bicycle a fold-down portable. Not inexpensive, but pretty awesome.

1966. Taking The Long Road Home by Johnnye Montgomery

Features | Aug 1995

Texas native Johnnye Montgomery looks for her roots during a perimeter tour of Texas.

1967. Before the Biking Begins by Michael J. Stacy Blackwell

Features | Jul 1995

How to make the fossil-fueled part of your TransAm bike trip.

1968. The Road to Ouagadougou by Philip Johansson

Features | Jul 1995

Naturlist outdoor writer Philip Johansson describes a cycling journey in West Africa.

1969. Kokopelli The Prankster by Bob Woodward

Features | Jun 1995

Bob Woodward names Kokopelli's Trail, from Colorado to Utah, as one of cycling's best off-road adventures.

1970. Confessions of A Map User by Steve Swithin

Features | Jun 1995

In this essay, author Steve Swithin details his love-hate relationship with maps.