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1961. 98 Tandem Buyer's Guide by John Schubert

Buyer's Guides | Apr 1998

Technical Editor John Schubert takes a look at the tandems available, and suggests why there might be a tandem in your future. "A tandem bicycle isn't just a's a catalyst for a human experience," he writes.

1962. Carolina On My Mind by Dave Pugh

Features | Apr 1998

On a ride to "reaffirm his immortality" upon turning 50, author Dave Pugh explores Carolina's Outer Banks Region.

1963. Climbing Iberia by Gary Keene

Features | Apr 1998

Gary and Karen Keene explore Portugal and Spain on their tandem.

1964. Shaking Down New Equipment by John Schubert

Mechanical Advantage | Apr 1998

Technical editor John Schubert cautions us to "beware the hidden pitfalls of the untested." Sounds like good advice. And such testing doesn't stop at your bike and rack/panniers setup, either.

1965. 1998 Touring Bike Buyer's Guide by Fred Meredith

Buyer's Guides | Mar 1998

Author Fred Meredith poses the question, "Do you want a touring bike, or just a bike for touring?" This chart covers technical specs for 45 custom and factory-built touring bikes.

1966. A Cross Country Primer by Kevin Condit

Features | Mar 1998

Adventure Cycling's advertising director, Kevin Condit rode with a TransAmerica group in 1993. He shares his motivation, plus a listing of groups that offer cross-country experiences.

1967. Rolling Back History On the C&O Canal by Tom Gibson

Features | Mar 1998

Author Tom Gibson takes us along on a cycling journey along the nation's only remaining canal towpath: the C&O Canal.

1968. Peak Performance: Nutrition Tips by Nancy Clark, MS, RD

Cyclists' Kitchen | Mar 1998

Nutritionist Nancy Clark presents several tips for cyclists who are getting ready to "hit the hills."

1969. Budapest and Beyond by Lorraine Weber

Features | Mar 1998

Author/cyclist Lorraine Weber takes us on a whirlwind tour through Hungary. The article includes a Nuts and Bolts section if you want to plan your own tour to Hungary.

1970. The Drinking Fool by Willie Weir

Travels with Willie | Mar 1998

From our popular Travel With Willie column: World cyclist Willie Weir talks about some of his experiences in finding water, "one of life's essentials and doubly so for a cyclist."