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1. The Ups and Downs of Bike Touring with Type 1 Diabetes by Annalisa van den Bergh

Features | Apr 2019

Annalisa van den Bergh and Erik Douds both love bicycle travel — and they've both figured out how to get out there while living with Type 1 Diabetes.

2. Rosie Rides Again by Gage Poore and Maxton Caplanides

Open Road Gallery | Feb 2019

As a young woman in 1973, Rosemary Kelly began working for American Youth Hostels in New York City and led a self-supported, cross-country tour for the organization in 1975.

3. Joe Nix by April Cypher

Profile | Feb 2019

How do you construct a happier life? Hop on a bike and head out.

4. Fat Bikes are Here to Stay by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Feb 2019

Fat bikes, first introduced commercially in the early 2000s but not embraced by the big players until five or six years ago, are here to stay because they can do things no other bike can do, navigating conditions that would stop any other bike dead in its tracks.

5. Falling for Florida by Ellee Thalheimer

Profile | Feb 2019

Along a 106-mile corridor of islands from Key Largo south to Key West, the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail includes 90 miles of paved trail that parallels U.S. Highway 1.

6. Geared Up by Nick Legan

Geared Up/Gear Guides | Feb 2019

Sierra Designs Cloud 800, Lake MX 237 Endurance Cycling Shoes, Shimano XT Flat Pedals, Ground Effect Berglar Jersey

7. Tern GSD by Dan Meyer

Road Test | Feb 2019

Road Test Tern GSD (eBike)

8. Jones Plus SWB by Patrick O'Grady

Road Test | Feb 2019

Road Test Jones Plus SWB

9. Travels With Willie by Willie Weir

Travels with Willie | Feb 2019

Part 3 of 3: Reflections of a Bike Tour Guide: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

10. Bison & Bridges in the Black Hills by Larry Rice

Features | Feb 2019

The history and unique landscapes of South Dakota’s Black Hills had long called out to me, but it took a weeklong Adventure Cycling Association fully supported tour — my first — to finally get me here.

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