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Bike Bits Vol. 15, No. 18, September 18, 2013
This is the 318th issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling's twice-monthly
bicycle bulletin. Bike Bits is delivered to you, and 49,878 other
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"I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether
you like people or hate them than to travel with them." 
--Mark Twain


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"Women's riding apparel is reclaiming the innovative spirit that
fueled a fashion revolution during the first golden age of
bicycling more than a century ago. … Young entrepreneurs who are
largely independent of the mainstream cycling industry are creating
stylish and practical solutions to challenges they themselves
encounter, from achieving flattering, day-into-night versatility
to maintaining safety and visibility in traffic. For many in the
women's riding apparel industry, growing a business also means
building a movement to attract more women to cycling's freedom,
fitness, and fun." Read the rest of this encouraging story and
view some cool pics at Huffpost Healthy Living:


As far too many parents and teachers know, with all of the electronic
gadgets and diversions at hand these days it can be super tough to
get kids interested in an active lifestyle. That's one reason
Schwinn has partnered with children's game maker Education Outdoors
to create a new way to inspire children to be healthy and active.
The new Biking Board Game, which can be played by anyone four and
older, teaches unplugged gamers about cycling history, bicycle
components, bike varieties, and more, all in an atmosphere of
healthy competition. The game combines luck of the dice toss with
cycling trivia and the goal of being the first cyclist to cross
the finish line. Learn more about it: 


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Traverse City, Michigan, is known for its growing foodie scene,
rich culture, and proximity to the stunningly beautiful Sleeping
Bear Dunes National Seashore. Now, Lower Michigan's "Cherry
Capital" is also proud to be ahead of the curve in public transit.
As explained in a press release issued recently, "Bay Area
Transportation Authority's Bike-n-Ride program is one of few such
programs in the U.S. and the first in Michigan. The successful
service encourages groups of recreational riders to pedal 17 miles
on the paved Leelanau Trail between Traverse City and Suttons Bay
and return on one of two retrofitted school buses with capacity
for 11 bicycles and child trailers." According to Doug Dowdy, BATA's
manager of transportation services, the key to the Bike-n-Ride
initiative's success is its ability to move families and riders of
varying abilities, from kids to seniors and everyone in between.


Joan Pasiuk of St. Paul, Minnesota, contacted Bike Bits to tell
us that she's "using Adventure Cycling's extraordinary maps to do
a virtual tour of the Underground Railroad. It is working out
extremely well and I'll bet this may be a unique way to complete
the tour -- using local miles to gauge my progress along the whole
route. I am supplementing the mileage with reading, conversations,
and experiences to create a profound immersion in history as well
as contemporary race issues. I'd be happy to talk more about how
others could undertake such a journey. There is nothing that can
duplicate the actual trip, of course, but when that is not possible,
your maps can create a very good substitute." Check out Joan's
very interesting blog here: 
To complete your own virtual or actual ride on the Underground Railroad
route, check out our detailed maps:
We also offer a van-supported guided tour on the route from Mobile,
Alabama, to Niagara Falls:


Joe Downie contacted Bike Bits to tell us about Lasting Vow, a
project he has launched to encourage couples throughout the world
to spread practical, romantic, fun love. "My vision is to inspire
couples to see the power they have to impact their community in a
positive and genuine way," Joe said. "I am building a team that
will ride bicycles from Seattle to San Diego, raising awareness
and filming the adventure of finding stories of lasting love. We
will interview couples of all backgrounds, telling their story --
how they met, how they fell in love, and how they deal with difficult
times. The goal is to start a conscious movement, through an
inspiring and artistic web series documenting a diverse population
of committed relationships." Joe believes the project will take
three to four months to complete, and that the results will ultimately
inspire, educate, and entertain.  


In the September 4 edition of Bike Bits we reported that our 2014
Dream Tour Giveaway winner Tom Carmine had attended last year's
Introduction to Road Touring course in Virginia, with leader Chip
Coutts. In fact, he participated in the June 2013 Intro to Road
Touring under the leadership of John Emory and Larry Hodgin. "Tom
was extremely helpful in providing lodging and transportation for
two participants before and after the course, going beyond the
normal call," reports Larry, who has long been one of our regular
leaders on the C&O Canal/GAP tours. Speaking of, check out Adventure
Cycling's May 2014 guided tour on what has grown into one of the
most popular car-free routes in the nation:


Until next time, click on to view some great
news about a trail that will profoundly enhance the TransAmerica
Bicycle Trail in western Montana. 


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