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Bike Bits Vol. 14, No. 24, December 19, 2012
This is the 300th issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling's twice-monthly
bicycle bulletin. Bike Bits is delivered to you -- and 46,914 other
readers -- because you've signed up for it at the Adventure Cycling
Association website, Bike Bits arrives
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"Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden
in each new day."  
--Michael Josephson


Don't you just love the symmetry of the 300th issue of Bike Bits
coinciding with the 24th and final edition for 2012? When edition
number 250 emailed on October 20, 2010, we had just under 40,000
subscribers; today we have nearly 47,000. At the same rate of
growth -- approximately 60 new signups per week -- we would hit
50K toward the end of 2013. But let's make it happen even sooner:
Send this link to a friend, or sign the friend up yourself!


The winners of Adventure Cycling's 2012 Bicycle Travel Awards were
announced last week: Byron Seeley, Kelly White, and Vikki Correll of
Jeffrey City, Wyoming (June Curry Trail Angel Award); Ian Klepetar of
Gansevoort, New York (Pacesetter Bicycle Travel Award); Chuck Hoefer
of Pacific Coast Cycles in Oceanside, California (Sam Braxton Bike
Shop Award); and Christopher Marsh of Rio Rancho, New Mexico (Volunteer
of the Year Award). "This was such an amazing year for our awards
program," said Alison Riley, awards committee chair. "We received
56 nominations. Our awards serve as an opportunity to recognize some
of the incredible people and organizations that make a difference for
bicycle touring and cycling in general." Go to the following link to
read Alison's post about this year's inspiring award winners:
Jeffrey City, where our trio of Trail Angels live, is a unique place.
Listen to this recent "Open Spaces" piece from Wyoming Public Radio to
learn what it's like today, and to get an inkling of how different that
is from the Jeffrey City of the Bikecentennial summer of 1976.


The Project Futures Global Challenge promises to be an exciting two-wheeled
adventure through the villages and rural orchards of Vietnam and
Cambodia. For 12 days, from February 26 to March 9, 2013, those
participating in the 250-mile journey will have a great time while
helping the Somaly Mam Foundation in its fight against human trafficking
in Southeast Asia (by meeting the minimum fundraising requirement of
$5,500). As they traverse the cultural heart of Vietnam and Cambodia,
riders will gain a unique perspective of these countries, and witness
the foundation's groundbreaking work to rescue women and children from
exploitation and slavery, and empower them. Click on the link below to
learn more about the ride and the Somaly Mam Foundation's important


While on a bike tour east of the Rockies, Richard Jones of Fort
Collins, Colorado, intersected with the granddaddy of American
footpaths, the Appalachian Trail. "I couldn't resist dragging my
loaded bike two miles up to a trail shelter, all the while wishing I
had a backpack instead of panniers," he told reporter David Young of
the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper. Well, like they say, necessity
(or, in this case, desire) is the mother of invention: Voilà! Meet
the Convertible Backpack, which transforms from front and rear bike
panniers into a backpack, and vice versa. "The front panniers split
in half," Jones explains, "and attach to either side of the rear
pannier, which is the core of the backpack. Add shoulder harness,
waist belt, and internal frame and you're ready to hike." Click here
for a descriptive photo and additional information: 


Yet again, necessity is the … you know what. Neil De Groote of
Vancouver, British Columbia, wanted to design something for his
wedding that would help guests loosen up and have more fun. What
he came up with was the Fotopod mobile photo booth, and his invention
has evolved into a business that he pedals to weddings and other
special events. You can read a brief story about it at Momentum Mag:
Here's the link to the Fotopod's own website: 


The folks over at Yuba cargo bikes, in partnership with Timbuk2, are
running a photo contest on their What a Bike Can Do website, aimed at
showing a bike's potential utility at this special time of the year.
"To enter, simply submit a photo of you and your bike getting festive.
This could be anything: wassailing, picking up a tree, holiday shopping,
wrapping up a bike as a present, holiday-themed bike decorations,
Santa group ride, taking food to the food bank, stocking up on eggnog,
and whatnot." The contest, which runs through December 31, is open to
residents of Canada and the U.S. only. Click on the link below to
find out more and to see a host of photos showing bikes doing various
holiday-themed things, with an emphasis on transporting trees: 


If you haven't yet read the blog post "9 Indicators that Bicycle Travel
& Tourism Are Booming," then you should give it a glance. This is
good news!


"Severe visual impairments have never stopped us from chasing our
dreams," write Christi Bruchok and Tauru Chaw at their website. "Now
we have our sights set on a new goal. We hope to raise awareness
globally about the abilities of the sight-impaired and to inspire
people everywhere to chase after their own dreams." The two are
tandeming into the New Year in Central America, on their way to
Alaska. They launched their ambitious adventure a year ago in
Ushuaia, Argentina, at the bottom of South America. Along the way,
they're visiting schools for the blind to share the experiences that
have shaped their lives. 


Until next time, have a great holiday ... and click on
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