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Bike Bits Vol. 16, No. 3, February 5, 2014
This is the 327th issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling's twice-monthly
bicycle bulletin. Bike Bits is delivered to you, and 51,586 other
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"I'm not going to be doing any Tour de Frances or big mountain bike
courses, but it's good to mix things up."
--Seven-foot-one Shaquille O'Neal, after custom-ordering a bicycle
to fit him 


"Where most people see a bike, Muyambi Muyambi and Molly Burke see
potential. Their organization, Bicycles Against Poverty, uses a
microfinance model to distribute bikes in rural Uganda, turning
what would be a three-hour walk into a swift spin to health clinics,
markets, and schools." The above passage is from a profile and
interview of the former Bucknell University classmates at the
National Geographic website, titled "Travelers of the Year: Muyambi
Muyambi and Molly Burke."
Muyambi and Molly, along with other Travelers of the Year, will be
featured at a National Geographic Live event tomorrow, February 6,
in Washington, DC. More information may be found here: 


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this year, features a grand prize of a Novara Ponderosa 27.5" mountain
bike from REI. Learn more here: 


Check out the amazing sculptures made of bike chains and other
chains by artist Seo Young-Deok. Caution: Includes nude chains. 


Remember the television show "MacGyver," which featured the trials
and tribulations of a troubleshooting federal agent who could make
just about anything with little more than a roll of duct tape and
a Swiss Army Knife? It turns out that Richard Dean Anderson, the
actor who portrayed MacGyver, was quite the bicycle traveler at
the tender young age of 17. According to the Treehugger piece
linked below, in the late 1960s the future MacGyver rode more
than 5,600 miles from Minnesota to Alaska. "Probably on a bike
he made from toothpicks, paperclips, and some floss." Check out
the story:


You're invited to join us on one of the 2014 Climate Rides! Adventure
Cycling is one of Climate Ride's beneficiary organizations. This
year's Adventure Cycling team will meet for Climate Ride Midwest,
an all-new, four-day adventure going from Grand Rapids, Michigan,
to Chicago, September 6-9. Join our team for Climate Ride Midwest
and ride with a staff member from our Missoula office. We'll
announce our team captain soon! Additionally, although we aren't
forming teams for the other two rides, Adventure Cycling is a
beneficiary of Climate Ride California Wine Country (May 17-20)
and Climate Ride NYC-DC (September 20-24). Last year, Adventure
Cycling supporters raised nearly $7,500 by participating in Climate
Ride and this year we'd like to double that. Here's the link to
information on Climate Ride Midwest:


The 5th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival, scheduled
for May 28 in Arlington, Massachusetts, will celebrate Bike Week
2014 by inspiring attendees to explore by bicycle. The festival
invites both professional and amateur filmmakers to submit films
ranging in length from three minutes to an hour. Films can center
on bicycle travel of any type, whether it's a commercially organized
tour or an independent adventure, domestic or international. The
submission deadline is March 1.   


Biking for the Birds is a quest being undertaken by Dorian Anderson,
who earned his Ph.D. in Developmental Genetics from New York
University. Dorian is on a "Big Year" quest, which is birdwatcher
speak for an attempt to see and/or hear as many North American bird
species as possible in one calendar year. "Biking for Birds is my
completely crazy and hopefully fantastic twist on the traditional
North American Big Year," he wrote. "During 2014, I will travel only
by bike, foot, and kayak as I move about the continent in search of
birds. My movements will be unaided by petroleum, natural gas, or
electricity. … This Big Year permutation will certainly add an
unprecedented level of adventure to the endeavor, and it should set
a new standard for environmentally sustainable travel." 


"It's no secret that bicycle travel is booming across the U.S., and
the state of Montana is no exception. … It can be difficult to
record how many adventurers hit the road on their bikes from year
to year, but a few states have done bicycle tourism studies and
measured the impacts. No such study had been conducted in Montana
until last year, when the Montana Tourism Commission tasked Norma
Nickerson and her University of Montana Forestry class to research
the existing bicycle tourism market and the potential opportunities
for the state." Click on the link below to read the rest of this
informative "Building the U.S. Bicycle Route System" blog post by
Saara Snow.
You might also enjoy this related spin-off story from the Kalispell
Daily Inter Lake newspaper:


Every Monday for the past two years, has published
a new first-person narrative about bike overnighting adventure. But
no bike overnight story has received so many comments so quickly
as the one published on January 24, titled "First Attempt: Clinton
State Park or Bust!" In it, cycle-touring neophyte Greg Downing
writes about how he pushed his mental and physical limits to
successfully accomplish his first overnight. Great stuff.


Until next time, click on
to check out the DutchTub, "Portland's only wood-fired hot tub
delivered by bike." 


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