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Bike Bits Vol. 15, No. 20, October 16, 2013
This is the 320th issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling's twice-monthly
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"I can't think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike 
wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost 
--Bill Bryson, "Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe" 


Wheeling, Illinois, resident Phyllis Harmon is one of the most 
influential people in the history of American cycling. That's why her 
hometown has named a cycling pathway after her. The longtime editor 
and publisher of the League of American Wheelman (LAW) Bulletin, 
Phyllis was inducted into the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame in 2009. 
"I was in touch with her not too long ago in my effort to find back 
issues of the LAW Bulletin to complete our bound volume collection in 
our library," recounts Adventure Cycling Art Director and co-founder 
Greg Siple. "As I recall, I first met Phyllis at the Northbrook, 
Illinois, bike track in 1963 when Harold Shrock Jr. and I rode up from 
Columbus, Ohio, to see the National Championships. She gave us a copy 
of American Cycling, which grew into Bicycling magazine."
Learn more about Phyllis Harmon: 


Adventure Cycling has just announced its 2014 Guided Tours, featuring 
more than 80 tours including 11 brand-new trips! We offer self-
contained, inn-to-inn, fully supported, and van-supported tours. We 
also offer educational courses and family trips. Here are a few 
highlights for 2014: Our classic North Star tour is back. (The first 
tour has already sold out so we've added a second.) We've expanded 
offerings in Canada and added more departure dates for our most popular 
destinations: Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, the Outer Banks, and the 
Florida Keys. This year you have more options than ever before for 
exploring the Pacific Coast: Join the full-length van-supported tour 
from Canada to Mexico, or join us for shorter segments of the route 
on our Pacific Coast North, Pacific Coast Central, or Pacific Coast 
South tours. We have also expanded our Family Fun tours by adding two 
new destinations: Minnesota, including the Paul Bunyan Trail, and the 
Great Allegheny Passage Trail. With more than 80 tours to choose 
from, we definitely have something for everyone. Sign up for your 
2014 adventure today!


Jonathan Hine is one of the few individuals we know of who has managed 
to set out on a long-distance bicycle tour without leaving work. Departing 
from Charlottesville, Virginia, on September 25, Jonathan is undertaking 
a solo trip he calls the Southern Swing 2013. "The ride has a specific 
focus: Riding a bicycle solo indefinitely while continuing to work," Jon 
said. "The point is not the bicycle, but the challenge of working on the 
road." Jonathan plans to write about the topic every Saturday afternoon 
on his blog, The Freewheeling Freelancer.


Loading his cello onto his Xtracycle cargo bike, Ben Sollee, one of our 
favorite bike-touring musicians, is once again pedaling to his venues 
in order to "slow things down and really take in the communities where 
[he's] performing." Also along for the ride are percussionist Jordan 
Ellis, who somehow loads his drum kit onto his trailer, and Katie Benson, 
who makes sure the two musicians don't get lost. Check out their schedule 
You can view Ben's performance and TEDx presentation at the link below.
Around the seven-minute mark, Ben discusses how he began bike touring and 
some of the benefits he earns by traveling that way.
Ben is slated to perform at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin, on 
October 24, the night before Wisconsin Bike Summit takes place. Others 
appearing at this year's summit include veteran bicycle-racing TV-
commentator Phil Liggett, and our own Ginny Sullivan speaking about "The 
Power of Bicycle Tourism." 


Farrukh Jafri, MD is a cyclist and emergency medicine doctor in White 
Plains, New York, who's working with two fellow cyclists, Dr. Melissa 
Leber and pre-med student Saud Ansari, to compile statistics on cycling 
injuries and injury prevention. Dr. Jafri asked if we would share the 
link to their anonymous survey to encourage readers to fill it out prior 
to mid-November. "The survey is super short; it should not take more than 
two or three minutes to complete," he wrote. The findings will "assist 
healthcare professionals, primary care providers, emergency physicians, 
and sports medicine specialists in further understanding common cycling-
related injuries, causes, and effective treatments, as well as prevention 
of future injury." The team plans to submit their findings to the 
American Journal of Emergency Medicine or the American Journal of Sports 
Medicine. Complete the survey here:


If you're in or around the San Francisco Bay Area next week, plan to 
swing by either the Corte Madera REI (October 23) or the Berkeley 
REI (October 24) to meet and greet Adventure Cycling Media Specialist 
Michael "Mac" McCoy. He's the guy who mapped our Great Divide Mountain 
Bike Route back in the 1990s, and who recently updated the guidebook 
to the route. You can learn more and RSVP to the events at the 
corresponding links.
Corte Madera:
Adventure Cycling Executive Director Jim Sayer will be speaking at 
three conferences this month: the North Carolina Bike Summit on 
October 18, the Georgia Bike Summit on October 19, and a conference 
titled, "Tourism, Cycling and the Route Verte" in Quebec City on 
October 24. Jim will also be holding an Adventure Cycling regional 
gathering in central Atlanta on October 21. All are welcome. If you're 
in the area, stop by to meet Jim and hear the latest in bike travel!


During Adventure Cycling's Pacific Coast Central tour from Eugene to 
San Francisco, Tour Leader Art Brown ran into two "extremely gregarious 
fellow Canadians" from Vancouver, British Columbia, who had ambitious 
plans. "With no prior training, and brand-new trikes, gear, panniers, 
and trailer, Carole and Linda, both in their seventies, planned to 
cycle down the West Coast. If all went well, they would continue east 
from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida, using Adventure Cycling maps 
the whole way. Carole and Linda, who called themselves the Wrinklies, 
had never done a bike tour before, but it was just something they 
wanted to do." Sadly, on October 4, Day 34 of their tour, Carole was 
struck by a car somewhere north of San Francisco while walking back to 
their motel, delaying the Wrinklies' plans — for the time being.


"Some lucky Dutch schoolchildren can now put their endless energy to 
good use by powering their own school bus. Dutch company De Café Racer 
produced an eco-friendly bicycle-bus that is steered by an adult and 
pedaled by up to ten children." The link below takes you to a short 
Yes! magazine story explaining that the bus is designed to be an 
introduction to bicycle commuting for children living in a country 
where 95 percent of teens ride to school. The words are nice, but the 
photo is priceless.


The 40th anniversary of the Bikecentennial summer of 1976 is right 
around the corner. We're soliciting ideas on how to make the 2016 
celebration unforgettable, and over the next few months a team of 
staff and board members will compile all suggestions and ideas relating 
to the event. Reunions, rides, special publications, and whatever else 
you come up with will be considered. Send your ideas to 
For inspiration, revisit the origins of Adventure Cycling as told by 
former Adventure Cyclist editor Dan D'Ambrosio in this article:


Until next time, click on to learn about 
the October 26 grand opening of the Bruce Gordon Cycles gallery and 
boutique in Petaluma, California. 


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