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Bike Bits Vol. 15, No. 17, September 4, 2013
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"I believe [this gathering] is just as important as the international
auto trade fair that I am going to open in a few days." 
--Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, in her opening address at last
week's Eurobike


Read more about the chancellor's visit to Eurobike and her vision of
the bicycle as a mobility solution:


The winner of Adventure Cycling's 2014 Dream Tour Giveaway is Tom Carmine
of Newport News, Virginia. Tom was a participant in last year's Introduction
to Road Touring course in Virginia, with leader Chip Coutts. Tom became
a member of Adventure Cycling in 2002 after meeting other members when he
rode from DC to Pittsburgh. His interest in touring goes all the way back
to college. "Having graduated from college in 1976 in Williamsburg I was
always fascinated by the then '76 Bikecentennial trail that passed through
town," he said. "Not having time for a TransAmerica trip, I have had to
settle for some bike overnights on my mountain bike." Tom finally acquired
a touring bike last year, so when Introduction to Road Touring was
scheduled in Virginia, he knew it was time to sign up for the class. "I
have always looked at a bike as a tool to go places, so this chance to
do a bike tour in 2014 is very exciting." Make 2014 your year for a bike
tour as well! You can sign up now for our early, epic, and educational


Bikes, Boards, Blind. is a 75-day group ride beginning the day after
tomorrow in Bellingham, Washington, set for Tijuana, Mexico. It's
obvious the ride will be by bike. The word "boards" in the title refers
to surfboards, which the eight riders are towing strapped to the top of
trailers. And "blind" is a reference to rider Devon Raney, who lost 85
percent of his vision after a 2008 surfing accident. "We will be
self-contained, sleeping on beaches and in state parks," said Devon,
who'll be stoking a tandem. "For 75 days we're going to surf and pedal
the entire West Coast of the United States. I will also be speaking at
high schools and colleges along the way, showing how adventure and
surfing have helped me overcome the challenges I have faced since
vision loss." Learn more: 


Adventure Cycling's 5th Annual Bicycle Travel Photo Contest is open for
submissions through November 30. We encourage you to enter your favorite
photos that capture the diversity and spirit of bicycle touring. Original
images in digital format, highlighting the beauty, adventure, and
inspiration of bicycle travel are eligible for the competition. The
winning image will be published in the March 2014 issue of Adventure
Cyclist magazine, reaching more than 50,000 readers worldwide. The first
place winner will also receive a two-year membership with Adventure
Cycling and a $100 gift certificate to the Cyclosource store. Each year,
we also feature contest photos in our annual Adventure Cycling calendar.
Visit the contest page for more information and submission details: 


Climate Ride NYC-DC is coming up September 21 through 25, and the Adventure
Cycling team is raising money and awareness for the emerging U.S. Bicycle
Route System (USBRS) on the ride. The USBRS will provide the United States
with an official network of bicycle routes linked with the nation's
ever-growing urban and metropolitan route systems. Learn more about
Adventure Cycling's team for Climate Ride NYC-DC and donate to the USBRS
at this link:
Click here to read about Adventure Cycling's team captain Julie Huck:


These days, many bike shops are doing a lot more than just selling and
servicing two-wheeled transportation units. They are hanging art
displays, serving lattes, offering yoga classes … and serving as wedding
venues? Read about it in The Wall Street Journal.


Last summer, Stephen Barton and Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent set off on a
cross-country bicycle trip from Virginia Beach to San Francisco.
Unfortunately, their journey was tragically disrupted by the July 20,
2012, shooting at the midnight premiere of  "The Dark Knight Rises" in
Aurora, Colorado, during which Steve was wounded. Now, Steve and Ethan
are finishing their trip, with a greater purpose in mind. "We're hoping
to raise money for the victims of the shooting who sustained serious
permanent injury and will have continuing lifelong medical costs," Ethan
said. "The Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) will be
receiving and disbursing the donations." Follow their journey here: 


The Icelandic Cyclists' Federation (ICF) has published a new cycling map,
which, according to a press release, "brings together loads of information
about cycling on the island for the first time, including bike repair and
bicycle rental shops, cycle-friendly hotels and hostels, public transport
connections, and cycling events." The map, titled "Cycling Iceland 2013,"
is available both online and in a free hard-copy version, and has already
been distributed to visitor centers, cafes, and accommodations throughout
the country. According to the ICF, " … for the first time ever, a schematic
map presents all public transport in Iceland." The graphic design of the
public transport map mimics the iconic map of the London Tube, so it
should be easy to follow even for those who've never before visited Iceland.


Until next time, click on to read about a Vancouver
woman who took matters into her own hands and stole back her stolen bike.  


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