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Bike Bits Vol. 15, No. 12, June 19, 2013
This is the 312th issue of Bike Bits, Adventure Cycling's twice-monthly
bicycle bulletin. Bike Bits is delivered to you, and 48,590 other
readers, because you've signed up for it at the Adventure Cycling
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"My two favorite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both
move people forward without wasting anything. The perfect day: Riding
a bike to the library." 
--Peter Golkin


Indeed, they go together like popcorn and a movie. It could be said
that libraries are the traveling cyclist's best friend: They're air
conditioned (or heated, as the seasonal case may be), wired for
Internet, and welcoming to the public. And just about every town of
any size has at least one of them. According the story below, there
are more libraries dotting our cities and countryside than there
are McDonald's restaurants or Starbucks coffee houses. 


Nina Hanson, a member from Oak Creek, Colorado, wrote to tell us about
her husband, who retired last fall after 39 years with the local phone
company. "Always an adventurous guy, Clint had a plan that, come spring,
he would ride across the country on his bike. When our daughter Kelly
got engaged and decided to get married in Newport Beach, California,
Clint altered his plan and is biking to the wedding. He shipped his
bike to family in northern Washington State and got a ride to his
beginning point in Canada. His goal is to put a tire in Mexico before
arriving for the wedding on July 5th." Nina went on to say that,
knowing Clint like she does, this adventure doesn't surprise her a
bit, but friends have been telling her how cool it is and how his
ride, culminating with walking his daughter down the aisle, would
make a great article. Added Nina: "Clint is a true optimist. No
hurdle is too big. He is a living, breathing MacGyver. Our daughter
Kelly and her finance, David, met in the Peace Corp in Mongolia in
2005. I am proud of my cool family and happy to share them if it
would bring a smile to others." Nina, thanks for the smile! 


Adventure Cycling Association is holding our second annual Summer
Cycling Auction to raise funds to support our nonprofit mission and
programs. Don't miss out on your opportunity to bid on some amazing
bicycle- and travel-related items. Some of the auction lots this
year include a custom folding bike, a number of different organized
bicycle tours, vacation packages to Mexico and elsewhere, and some
beautiful made-to-order bicycle head badges. All items were donated,
so any money you pledge directly supports the organization. The auction
closes this Friday, June 21, at midnight Mountain Daylight Time. So
go to Bidding for Good today and register to bid. 


Click on the link below to access a petition aimed at encouraging the
Alabama Department of Transportation to include bicycle and pedestrian
facilities in the proposed I-10 bridge over the Mobile River. According
to the site, it's something that is sorely needed: "Alabama is ranked
49th in the nation in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, indicating
severe deficiencies. Within Alabama, Mobile has fewer facilities than
other cities, with only one on-road bike lane." Mobile, as many readers
know, is the southern terminus of the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route
Now for some bridge news out of the north country, at yet another juncture
of the UGRR, the Detroit Alternate. Writes Doug Schmidt at the Windsor
(Ontario) Star: "Ottawa is showing far too little interest in a dedicated
cycling and pedestrian route being added to the proposed new Windsor-Detroit
bridge, critics on both sides of the border claim." As it stands, there
is no bicycle-friendly connection between Detroit and Windsor. The UGRR
crosses into Canada north of these cities, which were both important
landmarks for freedom seekers. "The current design plans for the new
international bridge only include a narrow, perhaps five-foot-wide,
sidewalk," Schmidt added, "[which, experts say,] must be wider to safely
accommodate cyclists and pedestrians."


The deadline to apply for the position of Executive Director of the
Cascade Bicycle Club, originally set for June 13, has been extended.
Here's the official word: "The Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle seeks
a bold, creative, and visionary leader to serve as its new Executive
Director. [The successful candidate will] lead this dynamic, well-
established, and respected organization by demonstrating his/her
passion for growing and expanding the influence and impact of the
club in pursuing its mission to create a better community through
bicycling. The position is open until filled; however, full
consideration is assured if applications are received by noon
Pacific Time, June 27, 2013." Visit this PDF for a complete
position profile, application, and contact info: 


In celebration of the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria's 30th annual
Great Victorian Bike Ride, the nearly 50,000-member Bicycle
Network of Victoria is planning a classic spring tour along Australia's
famous Great Ocean Road. The 380-mile route features the dramatic
rock formations of the Twelve Apostles, picture-postcard Otway Ranges
rainforest, and the chance to slow down for a swim at world-famous
beaches like Lorne, Torquay, and Bell. Registration for the nine-day,
fully catered camping ride is $875 U.S. for adults, $640 for children
13 to 17, and $322 for children 6 to 12; children five and under can
come along free of charge. The ride takes place November 23 through
December 1. Organizers plan to cap participation at 6,000 riders. 


The League of American Bicyclists, in partnership with the Sierra
Club, has issued a report titled "The New Majority: Pedaling towards
Equity." According to the overview at the beginning of the 16-page
document, "Â…the fastest growth in bicycling is among the Hispanic,
African American, and Asian American populations. Between 2001 and
2009, those three groups [accounted for] 16 to 23 percent of all bike
trips [made] in the U.S. Within those groups, the percentage of trips
taken by bike has grown much faster than in the white population."
The report also addresses the utility of bicycles as tools to provide
access to jobs, enhance health, and more.


Chuck Offenburger is one of the better known names in the Iowa
bicycling world. He served as a primary spokesman for RAGBRAI in the
1980s and 1990s, when he was a columnist at the Des Moines Register.
Later, he helped give life to the uber-popular Raccoon River Valley
Trail; and, it seems, the trail may have returned the favor. Read
about it here:
The town of Jefferson sits at the north end of the trail. Watch the
video linked below for some exciting news out of that community. As
the man says, it's "a great opportunity for a bike overnight right
here in Jefferson, Iowa." 
Learn more about the Raccoon River Valley Trail here: 


Until next time ... click on to read
about some intriguing organized tours in Indonesia. 

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