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1. Autumn in Alaska by Jim Sayer

Letter from the Director | May 2017

Prime time for cycling in the Last Frontier

2. Life Member Profile: Brian and Karen Managan by April Cypher

Life Member Profile | Dec 2016

Taking their tandem to 11

3. 'A Man of Legend' by June Siple

Profile | Dec 2016

From Tokyo to Missoula, Matthew Cohn changed the course of Bikecentennial

4. Transitions by Jim Sayer

Profile | Dec 2016

Greg Siple’s farewell and Adventure Cycling’s new era

5. Final Mile: General Delivery by Meg Whiston

The Final Mile | Dec 2016

Letters on the road

6. Grace in Charge by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Dec 2016

Grace Ragland has been living with multiple sclerosis for almost 40 years, relying on her bike to the defy the disease

7. Arctic Circle Trail by Berne Broudy

Features | Dec 2016

Riding ice in Greenland

8. Arts and Crafts by Alex Strickland

Letter from the Editor | Dec 2016

A little inspiration in the tradeshow aisles

9. Open Road Gallery by Gage Poore & Greg Siple

Open Road Gallery | Dec 2016

4 Trips, 40 Years & 40,000 Miles

10. Path Less Pedaled 2.0 by Ellee Thalheimer

Profile | Dec 2016

Russ Roca and Laura Crawford found freedom — and a job — on their bikes

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