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1. The Westfjords Way by Lael Wilcox

Features | Dec 2021

Exploring a mixed tarmac and gravel loop around the Westfjords of Iceland, one of the most remote regions in the country.

2. Creating a Better Bike Industry by Amos Horn

Features | Dec 2021

Examining the climate impact of the products we use.

3. Unseasonal by Stephen Fabes

Features | Dec 2021

Cycling across Mongolia, tested by winter, a cyclist finds solace in the turn of the seasons and the promise of change.

4. Get Fat This Winter by Carolyne Whelan

How-To | Dec 2021

A guide to fat biking with Christina Grande, founder of Alaska Bike Adventures.

5. Let's Stay Inn by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Dec 2021

Frostburg, Maryland’s Allegheny Trail House is a cozy getaway on the GAP.

6. Unexpected Company by Becki Neidens

The Final Mile | Dec 2021

A cyclist takes off on a solo bike tour having just found out she is pregnant.

7. MOFONGO by Stephen Haynes

'Toon Up | Dec 2021

"Musically Inclined"

8. #5310 Ossiris Pinto by Gage Poore and Ally Mabry

Open Road Gallery | Dec 2021

"This trip has been full of surprises, and every challenging climb has been worth it."

9. Juliana Wilder by Carolyne Whelan

Road Test | Dec 2021

Don't we all deserve a treat?

10. Geared Up by Staff

Geared Up/Gear Guides | Dec 2021

Topeak Smartgauge D2X; PedalCell Power Generator; Wren Inverted Fat Bike Suspension Fork; Thule Tepui Foothill