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1. Rerouting by Carolyne Whelan

Letter from the Editor | Jul 2022

The past speaks to the future through the present

2. MOFONGO by Stephen Haynes

'Toon Up | Jul 2022

Rider on the Storm

3. Plugging in to Uplug by Jennifer O'Dell

Letter from the Director | Jul 2022

It takes a community to move forward

4. Waypoints by Dan Meyer

Waypoints | Jul 2022

Bidon with the Wind: New Pro Race Bottles Designed to Disappear; Outside is In; Making Trails, Printing Money; Better, Faster, Stronger

5. Laura Orton by Marybeth Miller

Scenes from the Saddle | Jul 2022

We had been trying to find Laura Orton, our first every Open Road Gallery subject, for years.

6. Little Wheels, Big Smiles by Taneika Duhaney

Features | Jul 2022

Grins and Oh!s on the C&O

7. BB and Me by Beth Hudson

Features | Jul 2022

After a motorcycle crash, a lower-leg amputee satisfies her need for speed with an adaptive cycle

8. Week of Women by Lael Wilcox

Features | Jul 2022

An international gathering fills the empty mountains of the Spanish Lapland

9. Generational Joy by Pak

Features | Jul 2022

A first-generation Korean American uses bikepacking and filmmaking to inspire a love of the outdoors in his community

10. Ritchey Ascent by Ally Mabry

Road Test | Jul 2022

How versatile is too versatile?