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1. Muffin Man 2022 by Gage Poore and Daniel Mrgan

Open Road Gallery | Aug 2022

"My partner, her mom, and I are on a seven-day, 300-mile trip from Spokane, Washington, to Hamilton, Montana, for my grandpa's funeral," wrote Joni Harris on June 10, 2022.

2. Mon? Bikes by Glenn Theron

Life Member Profile | Aug 2022

These bikes are money

3. Geared Up by Staff

Geared Up/Gear Guides | Aug 2022

Terry Butterfly Century Saddle; Untapped Mapleaid; Muc-Off Bottle for Life plus Punk Powder; Garmin Instinct 2S Solar Smartwatch

4. Marin Pine Mountain 2 by Michael Wilson

Road Test | Aug 2022

More braze-ons for more adventure.

5. By Bike where East Meets West by Nikki Ellman and Jana Zanetto

Features | Aug 2022

Finding endless kindness in Armenia

6. Roll with the Punches, Go with the Flow by Ally Mabry

The Final Mile | Aug 2022

When the hitchhike at the end of the tour becomes its own adventure.

7. Forty-Two Bridges by Deb Werrlein

The Final Mile | Aug 2022

In an attempt to avoid hilly terrain, a family unexpectedly confronts another fear

8. Steel Reserve by Izaak Opatz

The Final Mile | Aug 2022

A broken spoke saga

9. Serendipity Abound by Rachel Rosenbaum

The Final Mile | Aug 2022

It's a small world

10. Mile 5000 by Brooke Marshall

The Final Mile | Aug 2022

When the moment you've been waiting for isn't quite what you expect.