Mike Deme In His Own Words (Mostly)

Mike wrote hundreds of stories, columns, and reviews for Adventure Cyclist, and when we went back to look through his body of work, a few favorites rose to the top. We can’t run them all here, but we think the titles alone paint a certain portrait of the guy who wrote them (or, in a few cases, the guy who is a main character in someone else’s feature). From big adventures to big ideas to big mistakes, we’ve linked to them below — hope you enjoy.

The Tale of a Terrible Climber, 2015

The Tale of a Terrible Climber, Part 2, 2015

The Uncrowded Montana, 2014 (By Chuck Haney)

Letter from the Editor – One Format to Rule Them All, 2015

Letter from the Editor – Out on the Trail, 2012

Letter from the Editor – Details Matter, 2010

Steens Mountain, 2007 (By Chuck Haney)

Hitting the San Juan Huts, 2005

Parks to Peaks, 1994 (Bike Report)