Fatbike Buyer's Guide -- List of Manufacturers

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By Nicholas Carman

This resource is part of our new-for-2014 Fatbike Buyer's Guide, a look at the latest in one of cycling's fastest-growing segments.  

Bikes with 170mm rear spacing accept 4-inch tires on 82mm rims without drivetrain modification; 190mm frames accept 5-inch tires on 100mm rims. All bikes accept a rear rack, except where noted. All attachment points (designated as “all”) include front/rear racks, 2-3 frame water bottle mounts, and bottle mounts on fork blades. Most bikes are 170mm rear spacing, except when noted. Prices are for complete bikes, except when noted.


Production models

Surly offers the classic steel Pugsley ($1750, all) and Pug Ops ($1950, all) with 4-inch tires, and the Moonlander ($2550, all) with 5-inch tires and 100mm rims.  Mid-fat models include the 29+ Krampus ($1950), touring-specific ECR ($2175, all), and the 26+ 1 x 1 ($475, frame and fork). All use 135mm rear spacing; offset design on fatbikes. surlybikes.com

Salsa offers two aluminum Mukluk models (Muk3, $1850; Muk2 $2399, both all) and the Ti Mukluk ($4399, all). Two carbon Beargrease models ($3499/$5499) do not accept racks. salsacycles.com

9zero7 offers 190mm aluminum frames ($2199+), and the Tusken 135mm offset aluminum frame for IGH and belt drive ($799, frame only). The 190mm carbon Whiteout ($4199+) does not accept racks. fatbikes.com

Fatback offers a USA-made aluminum 190mm frame ($999; frame only, all) and the carbon Corvus ($1850, frame only). fatbackbikes.com

Specialized Fatboy ($2000) and Fatboy Expert ($2600) feature 190mm aluminum frame and carbon fork. specialized.com

Borealis Yampa ( $3599+) is a 190mm carbon frame and fork. borealisbikes.com

Kona Wo ($1699, all) is an aluminum frame and fork. konaworld.com

Trek Farley ($2699) features an aluminum frame and fork. trekbikes.com

Carver offers the Ti O'Beast titanium fatbike ($1399, frame only) and the 29+ Gnarvester ($1399, frame only, no rack mounts) also in titanium. Carbon and titanium forks are available. carverbikes.com

Genesis Caribou ($2500, all) is a steel frame with 1 x 10 drivetrain. genesisbikes.co.uk

On-One Fatty ($1375) favors a trail-oriented geometry, without attachment points on an aluminum frame and 1 x 10 drivetrain. on-one.co.uk

Nashbar Big Ol' Fat Bike ($1100) is a steel frame. nashbar.com

Charge Cooker Maxi ($1599) is a steel frame. chargebikes.com

KHS 3000 4-Season is an aluminum fatbike ($1799, all). khsbicycles.com

Motobecane/Bikes Direct offers several aluminum models ($699+). bikesdirect.com




Black Sheep Cycles makes custom steel and titanium bikes in Colorado, including solo, tandem, and longtail fatbikes. blacksheepbikes.com

616 makes custom steel fatbikes in Michigan ($1800+, frame and fork). 616fab.com

Twenty2 specializes in custom aluminum ($1350, frame only), steel ($1550, frame only) and titanium ($3100, frame only) fatbikes in Colorado. twenty2cycles.com

Schlick Northpaw ($1639, frame and fork) is a steel 135mm offset frame and Tatanka ($1498, frame and fork) is a steel symmetrical frame. schlickcycles.com

Meriwether Cycles ($1250+, frame and fork) specializes in steel fatbikes and 29+ frames. meriwethercycles.wordpress.com

Muru Cycles specializes in custom titanium fatbikes and 29+ frames in Australia ($1399+, frame only). murucycles.com

Salamandre Cycles is a custom builder in France specializing in solo, tandem, and longtail fatbikes in steel. salamandre-cycles.com

Moots Frosti (contact for price) is a 190mm titanium frame with all attachment points. moots.com

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