2017 Travel Bikes

This listing originally appeared in the April 2017 edition of Adventure Cyclist.

We’ve tried to limit this table to touring, expedition, trekking, and bikepacking bikes — not bikes that might make good travel bikes. Many of the bikes in this table come in several configurations, including custom versions, with varying costs associated.

Travel Bikes for Your Consideration



Price Range


Advocate Hayduke $2699; frameset: $750 advocatecycles.com
  Lorax $1799; frameset: $999  
  Sand County $1599; frameset $849  
  Seldom Seen $1999; frameset $999  
Ahearne Custom Touring Outback 650b from $2250 add $250 for custom racks ahearnecycles.com
  Light Touring from $2250 add $250 for custom racks  
All-City Spacehorse $1150; frameset $600 allcitycycles.com
  Spacehorse Disc $1800, frameset $650  
Bianchi Lupo $1000 bianchiusa.com
  Volpe $1300  
  Volpe Disc $1500  
  Zurigo Disc $1700  
Bilenky Cycle Works Midlands Deluxe $3700 bilenky.com
  Midlands Signature call for price  
  Tourlite Deluxe $3545  
  Tourlite Signature call for price  
Black Sheep Bikes several models suited for bike travel call for prices blacksheepbikes.com
Boedie Cycles Custom frames made in Whitefish, MT   boediecycles.com
Boettcher Dakar   boettcherfahrraeder.de
  Road Trip    
Breadwinner Komorebi (bikepacking) frameset from $2445 breadwinnercycles.com
  Arbor Lodge frameset from $2495  
Brodie Circuit $1279 CAD brodiebikes.com
  Elan $1599 CAD  
  Elan Vital $1999 CAD  
  Monster $1999 CAD  
Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road $4099 with racks bgcycles.com
Cannondale Touring 1 $1,620 cannondale.com
  Touring 2 $1,350  
Carver Gnarvester (bikepacking) frame: $599 (aluminum); $1399 (Ti) carverbikes.com
  Ti All-Road frame from $1399  
Chumba Ursa 29+ (bikepacking) frame: $1295 chumbausa.com
Cinelli Bootleg Hobo $1,849 cinelli-usa.com
Co-Motion Cascadia frame $1945 co-motion.com
  Americano frame $1965  
  Pangea frame $1965  
  Divide frame $1995  
  Siskiyou frame $1995  
Crust Evasion (26+ or 27.5in.) frameset $875 crustbikes.com
  Scapegoat (bikepacking) frameset $825  
  Romanceur (26in. or 27.5 in.) frameset $1250  
Cube Travel Pro no prices on website cube.eu/en
Cyfac RandoNerve no prices on web cyfac.fr
Dawes Cycles Galaxy Cromo £899 dawescycles.com
  Karakum £699  
  Gran Tour 26 £1799  
Devinci Hatchet (light touring) from $1239 devinci.com
Donkelope Bikes custom travel bikes framesets from $1900 donkelopebikes.com
Elephant Bikes National Forest Explorer frameset $1385 elephantbikes.com
Ellis Cycles Voyageur Tour frame from $3700 elliscycles.com
English Cycles Custom Touring frame from $2850 englishcycles.com
Eriksen Custom Touring frames from $3300 kenteriksen.com
Felt V100 (light touring) $999 feltbicycles.com
Fuji Touring $749 fujibikes.com
Gallus Cycles Adventure Bike frameset from $3000 galluscycles.com
Geekhouse Woodville frame from $1999 geekhousebikes.com
  Deerfield (light touring) frame from $1899  
Giant Toughroad SLR 1 $1,190 giant-bicycles.com
Gilles Berthoud steel touring bikes from €1880 gillesberthoud.fr
Gunnar Grand Tour frame $1075 gunnarbikes.com
  Grand Disc frame $1150  
  Rock Tour 26 or 29 frame $1150  
Haibike Xduro Trekking eBike from $4399 haibike.de
  Sduro Trekking eBike from $2999  
Heart of Steel Coto Do?ana Tour $3,500 georgenaterry.com
  Coto Do?ana Vagabond $3,500  
Horse custom touring bikes from $2000 horsebrand.co
Hunter Cycles Custom touring bikes frames from $1750 huntercycles.com
idworx Bikes Trekking bikes with Gates/Rohloff/Pinion options from $4500 idworx-bikes.de
Independent Fabrications Club Racer (light touring) frameset from $2295 ifbikes.com
Jamis Aurora from $929  
  Renegade (light touring) from $799  
  Dragonslayer (bikepacking) from $1300  
  Dragonfly (bikepacking) from $1300  
Jeff Jones Spaceframe frameset from $1350 jonesbikes.com
  Diamond frameset from $975  
  Plus frameset from $1200  
J.P. Weigle Classic randonneur call for pricing classicrendezvous.com
KHS TR 101 $1,099 khsbicycles.com
Kirk Frameworks Custom steel bikes made in Bozeman, MT frameset from $3500 kirkframeworks.com
Koga Vast selection of build-your-own travel bikes contact for pricing koga.com
Kona Sutra $1,399 konaworld.com
  Rove ST (light touring) $1,499  
Littleford Standard Tourer $3,450 littlefordbicycles.com
  Classic Tourer $4,880  
  Sport Tourer $5,225  
  Expedition Rig $5,975  
Lynskey Vial? (light touring) frame $1260 lynskeyperformance.com
  Backroad frame $1675  
Marin Pine Mountain (bikepacking) from $989 marinbikes.com
  Four Corners from $1099  
  Nicasio $749  
MTB Cycletech Amar contact for pricing mtbcycletech.com
MAP (Mitch Pryor) Bicycles Custom Randonneur Project from $4250 mapbicycles.com
Marinoni Tourismo from $2300  
  Tourismo Extreme from $2450 marinoni.qc.ca
Moots Routt (light touring) from $7199  
  Routt 45 (light touring) from $7199  
  Mooto X YBB (bikepacking) from $7299 moots.com
  Mountaineer 27.5 YBB (bikepacking) $7,899  
  Baxter 29 (bikepacking) $8,699  
Mt. Airy Bicycles hard to find classic touring bikes   bike123.com
Naked Bicycles Custom steel or titanium bikes steel frames from $2476 nakedbicycles.com
Nashbar TR1 Touring $849 nashbar.com
Niner RLT 9 Steel (bikepacking) frame $1500; complete from $2500 ninerbikes.com
  RLT 9 (bikepacking) frame $1050; complete from $2000  
  RLT 9 RDO (bikepacking) frame $2300; complete from $3000  
Opus Spark 4 AE $1399 CAD opusbike.com
Pashley Cycles Pathfinder Tour £1695 pashley.co.uk
Patria several models suited for bike travel   patria.net
Penhale Vagabond (bikepacking) frameset $699 penhalebicycleco.com
  Gypsy frameset $699  
  B'Stard (bikepacking) frame $499  
Peter Mooney custom touring framesets frameset from $2995 peter-mooney.com
Pioneer Valley Frameworks Outbound Contact for pricing pioneerframeworks.com
Pivot Mach 429 Trail from $4199 pivotcycles.com
Rando Cyclest Globe-Trotter €1999 www.rando-cycles.com
  Randonneur €1999  
Raleigh Clubman (light touring) $799 raleighusa.com
  Tamland from $1439  
  Port Townshend (light touring) $850  
Rawland Ravn frameset $950 rawlandcycles.com
  Ulv (bikepacking) frameset $950  
REI Co-Op Cycles ADV 2.1 $1,099  
  ADV 3.1 (light touring) $1,099  
  ADV 1.1 $1,199 rei.com/b/co-op-cycles
Rennstahl Randonneur from €4990 rennstahl-bikes.de
  Reiserad from €4090  
Ridgeback Tour £599 ridgeback.co.uk
  Voyage £849  
  Panorama £1149  
  Expedition 26-in. £849  
Ritchey Break-Away Ascent frameset $1650  
Rivendell Bicycle Works Atlantis frameset $2400 rivbike.com
  Hunqapillar frameset $2350  
  Joe Appaloosa frameset $1300, complete $2600  
Rocky Mountain Sherpa (bikepacking) $3,500 bikes.com
  Pipeline (bikepacking) $4,700  
Rodeo Labs Flaanimal 3.0 (light touring) frameset from $1300 rodeo-labs.com
Rodriguez Rainier (light touring) from $1999 rodbikes.com
  Willie Weir-codesigned UTB 26 in. from $2699  
  Adventure from $2599  
Salsa Marrakesh $1,599 salsacycles.com
  Vaya (light touring) from $1099  
  Fargo (bikepacking) from $1699  
  Cutthroat (bikepacking) from $2999  
  Deadwood SUS (bikepacking) from $3799  
  Timberjack (bikepacking) from $999  
  Woodsmoke (bikepacking) from $1999  
Santos Travelmaster Contact for pricing santosbikes.com
  Travel Lite    
  Trekking Lite    
Seven Expat series (steel or ti) from $4200 sevencycles.com
Shand Stoater from £2275 shandcycles.com
  Bahookie (bikepacking) from £2590  
  Hoolie (bikepacking) from £2350  
  Drove (Rohloff bikepacking) from £2990  
Sklar Custom steel frames made in Bozeman, MT frames from $2350 sklarbikes.com
Soma Saga DC frameset $589 somafab.com
  Grand Randonneur frameset $492  
  B-Side (bikepacking) frame $524  
  Juice (bikepacking) frame $524  
  Sandworm (bikepacking) frame $529  
  Wolverine frame $529  
Spa Cycles Steel Tourer £985 spacycles.co.uk
  Ti Tourer £1580  
  Ti Adventure (bikepacking) £1600  
Specialized AWOL from $1200 specialized.com
  Sequoia from $1350  
  Diverge (light touring) from $900  
Spectrum Steel and Ti touring bikes frameset from $3000 spectrum-cycles.com
Steelman Cycles Custom touring bikes contact for pricing facebook.com/steelmancycles
Surly Long Haul Trucker $1350; frameset $479 surlybikes.com
  Disc Trucker $1550; frameset $498  
  Cross-Check $1099; frameset $479  
  Straggler $1549; frameset $575  
  Ogre $1699  
  Traveler's Check frameset $1099  
  Troll (all-road touring) $1650; frameset $575  
  ECR (bikepacking) $2099; frameset $699  
  World Troller (all-road touring) frameset $1199  
  Krampus (bikepacking) TBD  
  Karate Monkey (bikepacking) $1400; frameset $600  
Sycip Designs Custom touring bikes contact for pricing sycip.com
Thorn Club Tour Mk4 from £1349 thorncycles.co.uk
  Expedition Nomad (Rohloff) from £2349  
  Raven (Rohloff) from £2219  
  Sherpa from £1299  
  Mercury (Rohloff) from £2719  
  Audax (light touring) from £1239  
Ti Cycles Custom steel or titanium bikes frames from $1695 ticycles.com
Tout Terrain many touring and trekking models including contact for pricing en.tout-terrain.de
  Pan American, Grand Route, Silkroad    
  Tanami Xplore $7400  
Traitor Wander $1299; frameset $499 traitorcycles.com
Trek 520 Disc $1359 trekbikes.com
  720 Disc (light touring) $1889  
  920 Disc $1999  
True North Custom steel and Ti touring bikes from $3000 (CAD); frames from $1600 (CAD) truenorthcycles.com
Twin Six Standard Rando from $2000; frameset from $600 twinsix.com
Van Nicholas Titanium touring bikes with Rohloff options from €2499 vannicholas.com
Vanilla Touring and Randonee models contact for pricing vanillabicycles.com
Velosmith Jota Expedition from $6560 AUS velosmith.com.au
  Cyclotouriste from $4650 AUS  
  Great Southern (light touring) from $4650 AUS  
Velotraum Highly configurable touring bikes contact for pricing velotraum.de
Velo Orange Campeur frameset $520 velo-orange.com
  Pass Hunter (light touring) frameset $540  
  Pass Hunter Disc (light touring) frameset $620  
  Piolet frameset $685  
  Polyvalent Mk3 (light touring) frameset $570  
Waterford Custom steel touring bikes frames from $1500 waterfordbikes.com
Windsor Tourist $1,495 windsorbicycles.com
Winter Custom steel touring bikes frameset from $3000 winterbicycles.com
Vivente serveral touring and trekking models contact for pricing viventebikes.com
VSF Fahrradmanufaktur several trekking and expedition models contact for pricing fahrradmanufaktur.de
YIPsan handbuilt lugged and fillet brazed adventure bikes frames from $2200 yipsanbicycles.com