Editorial Calendar

February: Supported Cycling

Adventure Cyclist’s annual Supported Bicycle Travel Guide provides the when, where, and how for bicycle tours and events around the world. This year, we take in Ride the Rockies, Cycle Adirondacks, Columbia and the San Juan Islands.

March: Focus on Photos

The best photos from the 2015 Adventure Cyclist Photo contest, plus Lake Michigan and Manitoba. 

April: The Cyclists' Travel Guide

The biggest issue of Adventure Cyclist ever, this 76-page issue will cover topics from drivetrains to budget touring to the rise of eBikes, along with features on "Purposeful Cycling" and Patagonia.

May: Touring with a Twist

Whether it's adjusting your job so you can work while on a round-the-world bike trip or rigging up a trailer to bring Fido along for the ride, this issue will look at slightly different takes on touring.

June: The History Issue

We look once again into the bicycle's incredible history, this time at Kodak founder George Eastman and not only his love for bicycles, but the products he made with cyclists in mind. HIstorian John Weiss also returns with another sampling of incredible images form his collection.

July: Non-Diamond Frame Issue

A one-wheeled unicycle journey headlines our annual look an non-diamond frame cycling edition, which includes resources for those looking for non-traditional touring steeds.

August/September: National Park Celebration

Cycling to, in, or near our national parks is on many a traveler's bucket list. This issue will feature Part III of Chuck Haney's series about riding in the parks alongside a ride on the "Muir Ramble" in Central California.

October/November: Bicycle Travel Gear Guide

Holidays already? Get a glimpse at some of the best gear of the year along with features on cycling on and off-road in Israel and fatbiking in the wilds of Alaska's White Mountains. 

December/January: Greenland by Bike

Follow along as Berne Broudy joins a scouting trip looking to run a commercial bike tour on the massive, ice-covered island.

Photo by Errin Vasquez