Editorial Calendar

For 2018 Adventure Cyclist is expanding beyond its usual four themed issues to include a look at the 20th anniversary of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. Every issue feature stories to inspire and inform our readers.

February: Supported Cycling

Event rides and fully supported tours

March: Cyclists’ Travel Guide

How-To’s, gear, industry trends, and tips for the touring cyclist

April: Family & Photos

Tales of family touring and the winning shots from the 9th annual Bicycle Travel Photo Contest

May: Great Divide

Looking back and forward as we celebrate 20 years of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
additional copies printed for Interbike

June: The History Issue

Turn back the clock to look at the early days of bicycle touring

July: Recumbents and More

Non-diamond-frame bike coverage

Aug./Sept.: The Final Miles

Essayists go front and center to chronicle life from a bicycle saddle (updated May '18)

Oct./Nov.: Winter Riding 

Fat bikes or warm-weather destinations? Take your pick

Dec./Jan.: Africa 

Riding here is unlike anywhere on Earth. (updated July '18)

Photo by Errin Vasquez

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