Strategic Plan

Adventure Cycling Association's strategic areas of focus for 2012-2016 are listed below.

Provide the premier tools and inspiration for people to travel by bicycle:

  • Provide the best digital, mobile, and paper-based resources to support bicycle travel.
  • Increase Adventure Cycling's visibility and reach in all types of media.
  • Offer bicycle tours and services that provide unique travel and learning experiences.
  • Provide the best selection of gear and maps for the traveling cyclist.
  • Catalyze a celebration of bicycle travel during Adventure Cycling's 40th anniversary year (2016), embracing our past, present, and future.

Expand and integrate bike-travel networks for North America:

  • Create new epic and short Adventure Cycling routes.
  • Improve and update the Adventure Cycling Route Network.
  • Adapt Adventure Cycling routes and maps to be created, updated, utilized, and distributed through mobile platforms.
  • Advance Adventure Cycling programs by creating specialized maps.
  • Provide external bike-cartography services by developing partnerships to create bike maps in rural and metro areas for events, bike overnights, or day maps.

Create the best possible conditions for bicycle travel:

  • Spearhead the planning, implementation, and promotion of the U.S. Bicycle Route System in partnership with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), national, state, and local agencies, and nonprofit partners.
  • Maintain and promote dedicated public funding and support for bicycle infrastructure and programs in partnership with other national, state, and local agencies and organizations.
  • Integrate bicycle travel into existing transportation systems through alliances with government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Promote bicycle travel and tourism as an important part of the economy.

Sustain and improve Adventure Cycling Association:

  • Create and implement a brand strategy that represents and advances Adventure Cycling’s mission, vision and activities.
  • Add, retain and diversify Adventure Cycling membership.
  • Increase and diversify contributed revenue to Adventure Cycling to support its programs and services.
  • Increase annual net earned revenues to support the programs and services of Adventure Cycling.
  • Attract, develop and retain a satisfied and high-quality workforce.
  • Ensure an excellent work culture, environment and infrastructure.
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate technology infrastructure to support Adventure Cycling and its continued growth.
  • Attract and develop an engaged Board of Directors with diverse skills and backgrounds.

Download our photo-illustrated strategic plan (PDF/27 MB).

View the Adventure Cycling timeline to see our accomplishments and completed projects since 1973.

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