Adventure Cycling Association Issues Strong Warning Over Riding Canadian Section of Great Divide Mountain Bike Route



MISSOULA, MONTANA, June 28, 2013 — Adventure Cycling Association issued a strong warning today to cyclists planning to ride its Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in Canada. The organization, which developed and regularly updates the route, advised that, because of the extraordinary flooding and flood damage throughout the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, cyclists should not attempt to ride the Canadian section of the route this year.

“We understand that this is an unusual warning, but in all my years at Adventure Cycling, I have never seen such a complete washout of a route,” said Carla Majernik, Routes and Mapping Director of Adventure Cycling. “We are receiving many reports of washed-out bridges, destroyed roads, and fast-moving rivers and creeks, which could compromise a cyclist’s safety,” said Majernik. “In our judgment, there are also no viable alternatives to the route. It would be much wiser for people to wait until 2014 to ride the Canadian section.”

For information on the flooding, cyclists can turn to Adventure Cycling’s page on fires and floods affecting the organization’s routes. Check the box below the map for “Alberta Emergency Alerts” to get the latest on flood and damage warnings. Adventure Cycling also hosts a forum on temporary route closures; there are currently active threads featuring information about route closures in Alberta and British Columbia.

For cyclists who still wish to ride the Great Divide this year, the U.S. portion of the route offers nearly 2,500 miles of off-pavement riding. (Cyclists should note that there are two wildfire-caused closures in New Mexico.) For information and maps, visit the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route page on Adventure Cycling’s website.


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Adventure Cycling warns against riding Canadian section of Great Divide route: #acaGDMBR


Adventure Cycling issues strong warning against riding Canadian section of Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. Read more:

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