COVID-19 Updates

(Updated 2/10/21)

Adventure Cycling Association has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation to help ensure the health and safety of our members, tour participants and leaders, staff, and community. We believe the bicycle travel community is well prepared for a moment such as this, as the skills and outlook for a tour translate well in uncertain times. Be strong, be smart, be kind, and be healthy — and hopefully we see you out on the road and trail soon.

This page is being updated with changes to operations, including sales, tours, and staff availability.

Visiting Missoula

Visiting our office in Missoula is part of many cyclists’ journeys. Although we’re not currently allowing visitors into the entire building, we have set up our conference room as a greeting area this year. Call us at 406.721.1776 and we will come out and take you to our conference room!

For those cycling to town, we’ll still have you sign our guestbook and offer you a bandana, ice cream, and soda or water. We would love to take your picture to be displayed in our doorway so that you can see if others you have met on the road have come through.

Visiting Cyclist hours are Monday and Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

For more details about visiting the office, check here.  

Riding the Adventure Cycling Route Network

Extra care and precautions need to be taken if you plan to embark on bike travel this year. At this time, Adventure Cycling encourages cyclists to take extra time planning their trips and consider shorter, lower-impact trips closer to home.

We believe the bicycle travel community has a responsibility to avoid endangering the health of small communities and straining limited medical resources. Moreover, availability of services is inconsistent and unpredictable across the network. If you travel, plan ahead and prepare thoroughly.

Adventure Cycling continues to work hard at improving bike travel conditions, developing new routes for future adventures, and making sure we’re ready to help you hit the road once again.

Adventure Cycling Tours

Our 2021 Guided Tour offerings are available now, and you can learn more about the steps we’re taking on our guided tours during this time here. 

Adventure Cycling Store

The Adventure Cycling Store will remain open seven days a week online with orders shipping out every Tuesday and Friday. Store staff will be available for digital communication during normal business hours at and available to provide limited phone support. If you have questions or need expedited shipping, please email us so we can serve you in the quickest possible manner. 

Adventure Cycling Staff Availability

Adventure Cycling staff are primarily working remotely and remain available via email, online chat (Tours only), and other electronic communications during normal business hours. Phone support will remain limited at headquarters, so please be patient and consider contacting us virtually and we’ll respond as quickly as possible!

Bike Travel Weekend/Bike Your Park Day

Bike Travel Weekend and Bike Your Park Day took place September 25–27, 2020. Thanks for riding with us! Be on the lookout for information about Bike Travel Weekend 2021.

Tips for Planning Your Pandemic Bike Tour

Planning the day-to-day of your bicycle tour has never been more important than during a pandemic. Along with the carefully laid plan of avoiding contracting and spreading COVID-19 is the extra research you’ll need to do regarding your destinations’ health guidelines, travel restrictions, testing requirements, and availability of services. As always, we’re here to help streamline the planning process so you can create safe, responsible adventures.

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