Tours Director

Adventure Cycling Association seeks a dynamic, well-organized and ready-to-go leader to direct our Tours Department and to help further our mission of inspiring, empowering and connecting people to travel by bicycle. This is a unique, challenging and fulfilling opportunity to guide one of the largest and most visible bicycle tour operations for North America's largest cycling membership non-profit organization. (Our tours program currently supports more than 100 tours and instructional courses serving 1,700 participants.) We seek someone who is passionate about cycling, thrives on interacting with people, will work effectively as part of a team, and has significant experience with bicycle travel. Our ideal candidate is a detail-oriented person who prides herself/himself on operational excellence while providing exceptional customer support. The position is based in Adventure Cycling's headquarters in beautiful and bike-friendly Missoula, MT.

Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise staff and select, work with, and evaluate Adventure Cycling contractors.  The Tours Director (“Director”) supervises four staff members who make our tours happen in an effective and efficient way.  Each tour staff member manages a portfolio of tours and specializes in other key functions, such as logistics, advertising, vehicle maintenance and permitting. In addition, with the Assistant Tours Director, the Director selects, contracts, supervises and evaluates trip leaders and service providers (such as caterers) for tours. Throughout the year, the Director plays the primary role in providing phone and other communication support to trip leaders in the field.

Develop tours schedule. The Director leads the process -- with Adventure Cycling staff,  trip leaders and volunteers -- to develop the annual tour schedule. The Director works with the specially appointed Tours Advisory Group to review and finalize draft tour slates and works with contractors, tour leaders and staff to develop and research future tours.

Develop and manage Tours Department budget. The Director works with the Chief Operations Officer, the Executive Director and the Assistant Tours Director to develop, track and manage the department's multi-million dollar budget.

Manage governmental tour permitting. The Director and department staff work with the US Department of Transportation, National Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and other federal and state permitting authorities to obtain the necessary approvals to operate tours on public lands and roadways. Maintaining goodwill, ensuring prompt follow through and managing relationships with these authorities is vital to the success of the tours program.

Market Adventure Cycling's tours. The Director works with our communications and marketing staff to promote our tours and education programs via the Internet, publications, advertising and public outreach. The Director's primary role is to help generate content and marketing themes for online and print catalogues, in addition to advertisements in Adventure Cycling's magazine and through online networks.

Manage communications with all constituents. The Director works with staff on all messaging to tour participants, tour leaders, service providers, and governmental permitting agencies. Of critical importance is providing accurate, helpful and timely information to ride participants.

Ensure outstanding customer service. The Director works with his/her staff to develop and maintain policies, guidelines, and practices for providing excellent customer service.

Manage volunteer workforce. The Director and department staff manage volunteers who work on tours research, leader notes, course materials, and other aspects of our tours program.

Serve as part of overall management team. The Director plays a leading role in Adventure Cycling's management team, which works with the Executive Director to achieve Adventure Cycling's mission.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Outstanding organizational, supervisory and interpersonal skills;
  • Exceptional customer service skills and ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-tasked, quick response environment;
  • Outstanding written and oral communications skills;
  • Strong budgetary skills and business acumen;
  • Extensive experience working with Microsoft Excel, Word, Access and all Google Applications (Docs, Sheets, Tasks, Calendar) including complex formulae, lookups, calendars, groups;
  • Self-starter with proven decision making and problem solving ability;
  • Excellent collaborative, team and management building skills;
  • Solid negotiation capabilities;
  • Ability and willingness to travel;
  • Willingness to work on weekends and after regular business hours; and
  • Good sense of humor and zest for outdoor adventure.
  • There is one other quality we are looking for and that is creativity -- in designing routes and trips, but also in managing people and the department.

Education and Experience

Preferably minimum of Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from a four-year college or university. Must be an experienced and passionate cyclist. Must have substantial experience in bicycle travel. Will have managed a bike tour program (or an equivalent adventure travel or outdoors program) and served as a trip leader. It is essential that candidates have participated in bicycle tours and have a real understanding of what makes for a successful bike travel experience. Prior experience directing or managing a business or non-profit enterprise.

Compensation and Workplace

The position will be competitively compensated in the Northern Rockies region. Excellent benefits include paid time off for holidays, vacation and sick leave, an additional fully-paid one-week bike vacation, full medical and dental coverage, life insurance, and retirement plan. We have a wonderful office in downtown Missoula, with a friendly and committed staff. Adventure Cycling Association is an equal opportunity employer.


Please submit a resume and cover letter using our portal here. Application deadline: The position is open until filled. We will begin reviewing resumes and requesting interviews on August 24, 2018.

About Adventure Cycling Association

Adventure Cycling's mission is to inspire, empower and connect people to travel by bicycle. Adventure Cycling was founded in 1974 and is the largest bicycling membership organization in North America, with over 53,000 members. Our work includes producing the best bicycling routes and maps in America, publishing Adventure Cyclist (one of the top bicycling magazines anywhere), managing more than 100 bicycle tours including leadership trainings, and creating better bike travel conditions through advocacy at the federal, state and local levels. For more information, go to

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