Join an AMA with Ally on Instagram Stories

Join an AMA with Ally


To bring us together and incite dreams of future adventures, we’re hosting an Ask Me Anything on Instagram Stories with Ally Mabry. It’s your chance to discover more about long-distance bikepacking, as Ally will be answering your questions about routes, gear, community organizing, racing silly long distances, and more.

WHEN: Friday, April 10 at 1 pm Mountain time
WHERE: Adventure Cycling's Instagram Stories

If you have a burning question at hand, DM us.

Bikepacker Ally Mabry: Ask her anything!
Ally Mabry

About Ally

I started riding bikes in Austin, Texas, in 2014 as a full-time bike commuter. As a 22-year-old gal fresh out of college, bikes found me at a time when I was exploring my identity, and I latched on hard. Slowly, I worked my way through the many disciplines cycling has to offer: commuter, social cruiser, weekend roadie, road racer, bikepacker, mountain biker, cyclocross racer, ultra-endurance gravel racer, community organizer, print media professional, and beyond.
Bikes became many things for me: an athletic outlet, a form of meditation, a way to combat heartbreak, my primary mode of transportation, an opportunity to see the world, and entry into a multi-dimensional community.
In the past six years, some of my favorite bike experiences have included: riding the Baja Divide as part of the 2017 grand depart; riding the Oregon Outback twice on two different bikes; riding and then racing the first Arkansas High Country Race (and winning!); leading weekly “Intro to Bikecamping” overnights in Austin; co-founding Pedal Missoula, a “bike fun” advocacy org; racing Dirty Kanza 200; and joining my sister, a first-timer, on Adventure Cycling’s Puerto Rico tour in December.
Eventually, after trying on *all of the hats,* I landed at an intersection of the facets that captured my heart most: long distance bikepacking and print journalism. From my friend’s kitchen table while I was touring in Anchorage, I accepted the position of Adventure Cyclist magazine’s Lead Designer, and here I am becoming hella famous on Adventure Cycling’s Instagram now! That was two and a half years ago, and I’m still pinching myself.

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