Plan Your Reunion


Find Your Group Members

If you haven’t been in touch with your group members in several years, you may not have their contact information — or even remember their names! While Adventure Cycling can’t share our member contact information, we do have some group lists with names that can be shared. Email us to find out more.

Find out who else is attending the Montana Bicycle Celebration. A name on the list of attendees may jog your memory.

Other ways to find your group members:

  1. Google them. If they don’t have a common name, you may be able to find your group member online, especially if you know their last place of residence or date of birth.
  2. Look them up on Facebook. As of December 2014, 1.32 billion people are Facebook users and over 15% of those users are 55 or older, which means there’s a good chance you can reconnect on Facebook.
  3. Try other social media sites. Other sites like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have fewer users and tend to be younger.
  4. Use a dedicated people-search site. If you’re willing to spend a little time and sometimes money, use a site like Pipl (free) or Spokeo to search for your group member. Check out additional “How to Find an Old Friend” tips.
  5. Check out the many sites Bikecentennial cyclists have set up to try to reconnect with others.

Ways to Communicate

Assign someone to be your reunion leader. That person can be your group leader or co-leader or someone completely different. What's important is they are organized and a good communicator.

Decide how your group will communicate leading up to your reunion. Communicating via email may work just fine, but sharing photos and documents and comments will be much simpler with social media websites, like Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities.

When & Where to Hold Your Reunion

Have your reunion any where in the world and any time in 2016. Consider holding your reunion in conjunction with one of Adventure Cycling’s existing 40th anniversary events or tours.

Reserve Accommodations

Maybe you were part of a camping group, but sleeping on the ground isn’t as appealing as it once was. Survey your group members to determine where they most want to stay — whether it’s a hotel, B&B, campground, or hostel. If your group wants to spend as much time as possible together, consider renting a cabin or house so you can all sleep under the same roof and cook and share meals.

Plan Your Meals

Make reservations at restaurants if you plan to eat out. If you’d like to cook all of your meals together at a campground, cabin or house, plan ahead of time by dividing up responsibilities and ingredients.

Plan Activities

Plan a bike ride that’s inclusive to your group and don't forget to include other activities similar to what your group enjoyed doing on rest days during your bike tour. Activities might include whitewater rafting, canoeing, hiking, swimming, fishing, sightseeing, photography, or storytelling.

Share & Reminisce

Reserve an area where group members can display their photographs and other memorabilia from their trip. Maybe you still have your bikes, helmets, or jerseys from your ride? Perhaps you want to share photographs, a song, or a poem inspired by the trip. 

Register Your Reunion

Be sure to register your reunion so Adventure Cycling can stay in touch with you about the 40th anniversary. By registering you may also connect with more uncontacted group members. Your reunion itinerary will inspire other groups as well.