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The GOBA Wild Bunch Third Anniversary of the Silver Jubilee

Route: Different part of Ohio every year since 1989
Reunion Location:
GOBA 28, Butler County Fairgrounds, Hamilton OH

Hamilton, OH
United States

Reunion Date:

Reunion Description:

Whether or not you're riding GOBA 28, if you've ever ridden with The Wild Bunch -- or even just partaken of their specialty: Late Night Camping -- swing by to tell some lies, get some hugs, share a carbo-loading beverage, and relive some of the best days (and nights) of your life.

Then, if you're registered at, enjoy the rest of the week with 3000 of your closest friends, 50 miles a day, for seven days throughout SW Ohio.

(Although my body will be heading for the Shenandoah Valley for my first experience of Bike Virginia, my spirit will be with you. -- Peter, proud to be One of The Original Four)