Multi-Modal Travel

Boarding a train with a Brompton

The ability to easily access different modes of transportation during a single trip, whether for a day trip or transcontinental journey, is increasingly important to cyclists.


Expensive baggage fees are often a reality for cyclists traveling with their bicycles. Travel Initiatives is dedicated to working cooperatively with airlines and airports to reduce baggage fees and increase bicycle facilities in airports such as supplying cardboard bicycle travel boxes, bicycle-specific secure parking, tools, and workbenches. See our How to Department for information on boxing and shipping your bicycle.


Travel Initiatives promotes easy and accessible bicycle train travel.

Amtrak provides some limited accommodations for cyclists. To find out what is possible, see our Amtrak bicycle-accommodations spreadsheet (XLSX) and its instructions (PDF) to find every Amtrak line and station that offers baggage service (for boxed bikes) and every line and station that has roll-on bike service. Since it is a spreadsheet you can sort to find every station in a state, every station with baggage service, and every station with roll-on service. This information is also contained in Amtrak's timetable, but the timetable can't be sorted.

Roll-on, roll-off bicycle service for traveling cyclists would significantly improve the travel experience for many cyclists. We’ve been working collaboratively with state bicycle coalitions to make progress in this regard. A sign-on letter, organized by the Virginia Bicycling Coalition, has helped open the door to more discussions with Amtrak officials about better bicycle accommodations and potential pilot projects. Read about the latest developments with Amtrak on the Adventure Cycling blog.

Motor Carriers

Travel Initiatives plans to work with various forms of motor carriers and bus operators including municipal transit, bus lines, and rental car agencies. The goal is to accommodate traveling cyclists and increase the amount of bike racks that can be provided to quickly and easily move in between modes of transportation.

Photo courtesy of Path Less Pedaled