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Northern Tier + North Lakes

Northern Tier
Coast to Coast using the Lake Erie Connector. (Keith Strout, May, 2015)

Northern Tier, Lk Erie Connector, Northern Lakes
Northern Tier with connectors and Hwy 2 from Bar Harbor to Marysville, Washington. . Accompanied by my wife who pulled 19' trailer for support. She frequently rode her bike out to meet me on the road. (Michael McFall, Jun, 2011)

Michael's Northern Tier Ride
1. Northern Tier from Bar Harbor to Niagra. 2. Lake Erie Connector to North Lakes. 3. North Lakes via Upper Peninsula to reconnect to Northern Tier. 4. Northern Tier to Annacortes WA. 5. Home to Portland via Whidbey Island, Seattle and then STP route. (Michael McCarthy, May, 2014)

Going Back Across
Northern Tier, with North Lakes and Lake Erie Connector alternatives, West to East (John Meiners, Jun, 2012)

2 bikes, 2 months, 11 states and 3 provinces
married couple following the northern tier + lakes route in the summer of 2013 (Rachel Fish, Jun, 2013)

Positive Collisions
Solo trip on the Northern Tier, summer 2013. (Rob Smith, Jul, 2013)

Photo by Dennis Coello