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October 13, 2015
A First-Time Mountain Biker
There's a First Time for Everything!

I bought myself a hybrid, started commuting to work, tried a road bike, bought a road bike, modified it into a touring bike ... Now, with a full-blown bike addiction and a move to Montana, what would come next in my bike-life adventure? Mountain biking, of course!

October 9, 2015
Montreal Bike Love
Montreal Bike Love

Sights and Sounds: Explore Montreal with Willie Weir and Bixi.

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October 8, 2015
U.S. Bicycle Route System Expands to Over 11,000 Miles in Twenty-Three States
U.S. Bicycle Route System Expands to Over 11,000 Miles in Twenty-Three States

AASHTO approves eight new U.S. Bicycle Routes in Vermont, Georgia, Indiana, Arizona, Ohio, and Kansas, expanding opportunities for national bicycle travel and tourism.

September 14, 2015
Amtrak Launches New Roll-On Bicycle Service
Amtrak Launches New Roll-On Bicycle Service

A new pilot service on the Capitol Limited route will allow bicyclists to roll bikes on and off at any station between Chicago and Washington DC. 

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