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11. Making a difference with primal wear by Dan D'Ambrosio

Profile | Aug 2015

This Denver-based bicycle apparel company is out to make a profit, but it’s determined to do more.

12. Cyclofemme: We Ride Together by Ellee Thalheimer

Profile | Aug 2015

Empowering women to get on two wheels.

13. Road Test: Koga by Josh Tack

Road Test | Aug 2015

Koga Signature Traveller KS-TR 28: An all-inclusive touring setup.

14. Road Test: Spot by Kristen Legan

Road Test | Aug 2015

Spot Wazee is a belt-driven urban attack tool

15. Fine Tuned: Looking Back by Josh Tack

Fine Tuned | Aug 2015

FLy By Night: Cycliq FLy6 Action Camera

16. The Tire Pressure Revolution by Jan Heine

Mechanical Advantage | Aug 2015

Skinny doesn’t mean fast, fat doesn’t mean slow, and some wider rubber might change your life

17. Life Member Profile: Mark Wasden & Annélisa Blake-Wasden by April Cypher

Life Member Profile | Aug 2015

He’s a full-blown cycling enthusiast, she’s up for an adventure, and their three kids? They’re coming along for the ride.

18. Keats, the TransAm Cat by Greg Siple

Scenes from the Saddle | Aug 2015

Keats, the TransAm Cat

19. Open Road Gallery by Gage Poore & Greg Siple

Open Road Gallery | Aug 2015

Notes from the Road, 1976

20. Final Mile: Season's End by Doug Walsh

The Final Mile | Aug 2015

Breaking the cycle