Leadership Training - Massachusetts

Trip Dates:
Sep 21, 2015 -- Sep 24, 2015
Littleton, MA
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Adventure Cycling’s Leadership Training Course (LTC) is designed for experienced bicycle travelers who wish to learn our philosophy of leadership and how it applies to self-contained and supported bicycle tours. Participants will spend four days with our road-savvy leaders exploring the dynamics of outdoor leadership, the hows and whys of group motivation, and successful conflict resolution. We’ll also discuss bicycle repair, camping how-tos, food preparation, chore rotation, cycling safety, and more.

Your LTC experience will be beneficial regardless of how you end up using the knowledge and skills you’ll gain. Some attendees wish to form their own tour companies while others simply hope to acquire expertise in organizing and leading club rides or bike adventures with friends. Participants are sometimes seeking new perspectives for their workplaces or to hone personal leadership and relationship skills. Whatever your goals, this course offers opportunities for serious introspection and self-evaluation as you discover what it takes to be an effective outdoor leader. (Prospective Adventure Cycling tour leaders must complete this course. Those who take the LTC with the goal of becoming an Adventure Cycling tour leader should have some prior bike-touring experience).

Start Date: Sep 21, 2015 End Date: Sep 24, 2015
Start Location: Littleton, MA End Location: Littleton, MA
Total Days: 4 Miles: 60
Surface: Paved Riders: 20
Airport: Logan International (BOS) Tour Leader: Tammy Schurr
Meals: Shared cooking Accommodations: Indoor
Type: Education Physical Difficulty: Beginner
Level of Support: Education Cost: $529.00

Day 1

We'll get things underway at 4:00 p.m. After saying our hellos and giving personal introductions, the course staff will present an overview of the coming days. You'll begin to understand why you're going to find this course personally relevant, regardless of whether you harbor hopes of leading an Adventure Cycling cross-country tour or simply want to hone your personal leadership skills.

Day 2

After an early breakfast prepared by the staff, we’ll jump into the day’s agenda, covering Adventure Cycling tour-specific leadership, bicycle safety and group touring techniques, and public relations on the road. After lunch, during which we’ll discuss nutritional requirements and get a demonstration of the safe use of camp stoves, we’ll bicycle to a nearby grocery store to stock up on food for our next few meals. We’ll get back to our base in time for the evening’s designated cooks to prepare the group meal, while non-cooks can take an optional bike ride. After dinner, we’ll break into small groups to talk about tour logistics, planning, and administration.

Day 3

After another hearty breakfast, it’s time for role-playing exercises and a discussion of group dynamics, how to improve them, and how to use them to your favor as a leader. Later in the day, we’ll discuss group cooking and camping equipment, and delve into repairs on the road. After another ride, we’ll all enjoy dinner prepared by the afternoon’s designated cooks before we regroup to learn about map meetings and on-the-road navigation. We’ll close the evening with the always entertaining Leadership Training Course talent show.

Day 4

Following our final breakfast together and another role-playing session with our advisors, we’ll conduct a group awards ceremony. Before we all bid farewell to our fellow Future Tour Leaders of America, each participant will have a chance to meet with an instructor to receive an evaluation and invaluable feedback, especially important if you plan to lead future Adventure Cycling tours. 

"The role play sessions were outstanding! As participants (and my colleagues agreed), the role play allowed us to really internalize (learn) the classroom instruction."

2014 Tour Participant

"Great people leading and participating and great curriculum."

2013 Tour Participant

"I enjoyed the company of the participants and leaders. Each person openly shared their experience which was very helpful and enlightening"

2014 Tour Participant

"I want to thank you all again for the energy and care you put into our training [in the Leadership Training Course]. I have seldom seen workshop leaders so consistently model the skills they wish the participants to gain. I was thrilled to see that the ACA is so inclusive and is truly adventure oriented. I often find that adventure experiences are high on perceived challenge and actually quite low on actual challenge - most of the risk is so carefully managed for the participants that they don't have the opportunity to experience "the dignity of their own suffering" that has taught us all so much in life. Thanks for reminding me to trust the experience to do the important teaching. [We] do hope to lead an Adventure Cycling tour in the future - perhaps we'll have the great opportunity to work with some or all of you in the future as well."


Photo by Greg Siple