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The combination of a new Maxbright LED and the Princeton Tec-designed optimized lens collimator maximizes the beam by balancing long throw with localized lighting. Recognizing that different amounts of light are needed for different riding conditions, the EOS is equipped with 3 brightness levels and a blinking mode; further insuring your safety. The use of high grade materials guarantees durability and strong resistance to water, weather and environmental conditions. With handlebar, helmet, and headlamp mounting attachments this is the perfect 3 in 1 light for today's touring enthusiast.


Power: 80 lumens

Lamp: 1 maxbright LED

Burn time: 121 hours

Batteries: 3 AAA batteries (alkaline/lithium)

Weight: 105g , 3.7 oz Attachments: handlebar mount, headlamp strap and helmet bracket


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Light Bright, or bright light? Rating:

Reviewed By: Josh Tack on 6/11/09

I have had great luck with Princeton Tec headlamps in the past, which is a big reason why I purchased this light for my bike. The actual unit is a bit on the heavy side for a sturdy head lamp (head strap included), but it's right at home mounted to the handlebars, front rack, fork, or anywhere else on your bike. The narrow beam is super bright, perfect for city commuting or night rides on country roads. Since it doesn't have a wide beam, I wouldn't recommend it for off-road trails where there could be trees and snags, but anything smooth is ideal. Excellent bang for the buck with this one, just make sure you don't point it directly into your co-worker's eye.

Versatile and Well Made Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Colorado on 8/4/09

For the money, an excellent and versatile light. Can be used as a headlamp as well as a bike light. No need to spend more.

Very good- I probably expect too much Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from South Brunswick, NJ on 11/9/09

It has suficed very well though I wouldn't want to navigate dark roads at high speed relying on it. Unfortunately I can't mount it on my handbars because I have "cheateder brakes" because I sometime ride in cities so I mount it on my helmet which work just fine, maube even better. Its not as bright as I thought but I have to admit my epectation are probably too high, it really does work well as long as you're not trying to push the speed

Princeton Bike EOS Bike Light Rating:

Reviewed By: Burly on 10/5/10

Tell You What Guys: I'm a Firefighter that has a 13 mile commute each shift on a Cannondale T-500, with all my gear weights 60 to 80 pounds. The first 6 miles is on a very dark back country road with maybe three street lights. The Princeton is absolutely the best light for the money!!! Average speed the first 6 miles 13 mph. The rest of the Commute is on well lit city streets and the flashing mode is great. I work both Fire and EMS so I know what not being seen can do! Just like you I have use all types of lights and found them to be of lesser quality. This light is great and can see very well at my speeds. Very well built and the batteries seem to hold up well on high beamm for the dark portion of the ride. What else can I say.

Great light for the price Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from St. Louis, Mo on 10/27/10

This is a great light! I have used all sorts of lights even more expensive rechargeable lights. But this light seems to do exactly what I need for a great price. I used it on a night ride on a Rail to Trail path trying to catch up to my friend that left the day before me. It was plenty of light to see the trail avenging about 12 MPH. Battery life seem to be really good and the price for what you get is great!

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