Southern Tier Section 2

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Tempe, AZ - El Paso, TX (522 miles)
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Expect moderate to heavy urban traffic from Tempe to Apache Junction. At Apache Junction you'll join US 60/79, with shoulders and rumble strips, and gradually ascend toward Gonzales Pass. The route dips and climbs up to another pass before descending along Bloody Tank Wash into the towns of Miani and Claypool. In Stafford replenish your stock of food and water. Services are limited for the next 117 miles. It's a hard climb up to the unsigned pass near the Arizona/New Mexico border. The route again crosses the Gila River and climbs the historic Pinos Altos then descends through thick pine forests before reaching the Gila River drainage. SR 152 is winding and steep on both sides of Emory Pass. This is the highest point on the route. In the next 35 miles you'll drop 3,800 feet to Caballo Reservoir and the Rio Grande River in dry, desert country. From here to El Paso the route parallels the Rio Grande and I-25. SR 28 winds through small towns, farm fields, and pecan groves into El Paso. This section has a shorter alternate, avoiding the climbs and descents into the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. Click on enlargement for detail.

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Reviewed By: Kevin John Eddy on 10/5/11

nice looking map, but the proof comes in the pudding??? Let me ride the complete route first, then we shall see how good they are! Kevin

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