Take a Seat

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This book recounts Dominic Gill’s incredible journey from Alaska to the southernmost tip of South America over the course of 26 months. He set out with very little food or money, but his bicycle, Achilles, acted as his secret weapon: it was a tandem and the spare seat was filled by a host of strangers turned friends. All sorts of colorful characters took a seat on Achilles; turning a terrifying prospect into the adventure of a lifetime. Sb. 283pp.


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I Never Intended to Be Brave Rating:

Reviewed By: Ed Spergin on 9/26/13

This was a good story but, she did a lot of complaining about her partner. This took away from the experience of the journey.

Travels with Willie Adventure Cyclist Rating:

Reviewed By: Ed Spergin on 9/26/13

He reminds you of why we love to ride and he makes you think about what is truly important in our lives.

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