How Big Are The Pancakes?

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Their journey takes them through lush green valleys, up steep mountains, by farms, and past desolate rangeland. On the road they battle inclement weather, intense heat, fierce headwinds, nasty dogs, aching bodies, and flat tires. Their inner strength, their determination, and the kindness of strangers sustains them along the way. They discover small town America, a diverse, beautiful country, and themselves. This book will inform, entertain, and inspire you to take to the highway and discover America. Sb. 152pp


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Reviewed By: Kris on 2/16/10

This is a interesting read about the events of a bike trip. Beware that the book is in the form of a diary. We got up, we did this, we went to bed. On a cold winter day it was a good way to experience someone else's adventure and learn something as well.

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